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Apr 15, 2019
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So! For my game nights on Thursday, I was thinking that we can do...
1) Treasure Maps! This means money, mats, and more~
2) Unlocking previous optional content! Yes, this includes old 8-man raids (ranging between lvl 50 and 70) and 24-man raids! More options means more variety to your daily roulette!
3) And for the 80 raiders, this would also be an opportunity to clear for our raid group if we were SUPER close the game night before, that way we don't have to start from the drawing board and waste precious minutes on refreshing what we had progressed up to!

If I can think of more, I will~! <3


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Apr 9, 2018
tricities WA
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ill let her for sure answer but id bet it could be any of the 8 man ones. 60,70, or 80


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Aug 23, 2019
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If we're going to have a Thursday game night now , should we still have the Wednesday one, or would it be better to move it to Tuesday? (Or get rid of it altogether since there's only a handful of us still leveling?)


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May 27, 2020
I'll be there

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