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Aug 5, 2016
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The 4th may be with me this day, but I'd like to say that it does not seem like it's been 3 years of being a part of the weekly as I have. I've worked with a lot of people, found out more about members from spotlights, and always enjoyed getting the news out to all the members out there. With the funnies sprinkled in at the end.

Let's go for 3 more. - SunKenRock

Aisper is the new XO for Ark and has gotten a new server just for those wanting to try it out. I'm sure there might be many who have the game but never had anyone to play with. As with myself, I will say when you get a group to play with, it is really fun. It is challenging and frustrating but oh so worth getting a strong dino. Good reason to try the game out now.

Also don't forget: we are playing Smite for game of the month. It is a nice multiplatform moba in third person. It is free and worth a try with two game nights on Wednesday and Saturday. It even works well on the Nintendo switch, after some getting used to. Stop by some time and team up with the XO Wroctaw .

New Social Activity: Fever Arcade! Every week, Thundernut will post a new FTP mini-game in the arcade channel on discord. Play the game, get a high score, and post it. Easy! Top scorers will be honored in the Hall of Fame!

Game Nights:

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Please check the forum calendar and #events channel on Discord for up-to-date event times. Also see the suggestions thread for any requests and/or offers to host an event

If you would like to help ensure your game's game nights, events, etc. are listed and want to have the ability to post them on the calendar, or your game nights do not appear on this calendar over the next few days, please contact please contact Diane and Aussietye as they are head of social and game night coordinator and they will get them squared.

To convert the times to your timezone, use the following tool: Time Zone Converter. Please check the Discord Events channel for reminders about events. Also with some game nights being made up for that day due to the people who are on.

Clan Jobs: In and out of gaming

Fever Clan Job Roster Master List

This link will take you to everything Fever and provides a table of contents to direct you to what you may seek. If you do not see anything for a game that you are looking for (or might be interested in starting a group in) contact:

Head of Games - Violet

Assistant Head of Games - Loyalbdog Zilluzionist (Misc)

Division Commanders
- Medic739 (Shooter) , Aisper (Misc),Axle , Kimenu (RPG,MMO)

Clan Jobs Forum!

This is a forum dedicated to job adverts where companies and departments can post their available jobs, specify what it would entail, and if it is open to officers and/or enlisted. You are not required to use this forum, but it's here as a means to help you get personnel into your section. When that position is filled, please make a final post that the position was filled and then close your thread (or request to get it closed if you do not have permissions) to further responses.

Misc RTS - Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition (looking for players)

Borderlands Series - Looking for a new XO!

Open Discussion - How's everyone doing!

Ark - Introducing myself to the Ark Community

uwusav / Schlinky / Zelo32 / Schtopper / AVRakk

Bombken / switchlink / Dootis / Arcanic_One / JupiterUwU

Last week's winner was Combustiblelemn - please congratulate him!

We have a POW double-feature this month, bringing you both FNG and Generals!

This week's FNG nominees are:


Please vote for them here -> PoW-05-04-2020-FNG

And our nominees for Generals' POW are:



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SunKenRock : What is the history of your Fever name? Do you use it everywhere, or just for this site?
LordWarlock : I started using my game name in Diablo 2

SunKenRock : Reaching the rank of SMA, does it feel like it has been a year and a half since you joined the clan?
LordWarlock : It doesn't feel that long that I've been a member

SunKenRock : Are there any types of memories you can recall, any in game achievements ?
LordWarlock : When I first joined, I applied for medals that I had already earned playing the game but I haven't applied for any of the new ones.

SunKenRock : Do you still play Diablo 3 with the seasons or have you picked up anything new?
LordWarlock : I still mainly play seasons

SunKenRock : Do you have a favorite season of the bunch?
LordWarlock : I don't really have a favorite season but I did like the double bounties season.

SunKenRock : Have you always been gaming all your life? Did you start back when gaming was beginning or just got into gaming with PC?
LordWarlock : I played arcade games early on like Pac Man and Tetris. Then, there was the Civilization series games and next Diablo 2

SunKenRock : Is there anything you are waiting for? Future games, expansions, dlc?
LordWarlock : I'm waiting for Diablo 4

SunKenRock : Now how about any outside hobbies, or outside interests besides gaming?
LordWarlock : I don't really have any outside hobbies now but I used to play billiards a lot.

SunKenRock : Any type of hidden talent, or maybe a fun fact to share that nobody knew before?
LordWarlock : In university my friend called me the Tetris God. I got into Diablo 2 while I was working in South Korea.

SunKenRock : Seeing as you have been in other clans and a good presence in Fever, do you have any advice to offer?

LordWarlock : All the clans I've been in have used either Teamspeak or Discord so I think its important to use them in order to stay in touch with other players.

Wavey The Rocket [PC] – May 7

Apex Legends Season 5 [PC, PS4, XBO] – May 12

Terraria: Journey's End update [PC] – May 16

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus [Switch] – May 19

The Wonderful 101: Remastered [PC, PS4, Switch] (US Digital) – May 19

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor [PC] – May 26

Minecraft Dungeons [PC, PS4, XBO, Switch] – May 26

Microsoft Build goes free, virtual, and more developer-focused for 2020

Microsoft is opening up free registrations for its Build 2020 developer event. It’s typically one of Microsoft’s biggest events of the year, but the software maker is doing things differently this time around. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced Microsoft to entirely rethink the event, but instead of canceling, it’s bringing it online free for anyone to register.

That means developers will no longer have to pay the $2,395 entry fee that’s typically associated with Build, and there will still be lots of content available streamed free of charge. Microsoft is keeping some of its traditional keynote-style openings, with opening remarks from CEO Satya Nadella. 48-hour workshops will even be held on Twitch this year.

While Build typically delivers a range of Microsoft news, the company has scaled back its plans this time around. Opening remarks will be far shorter, and Microsoft principal program manager Scott Hanselman will kick off the first session focused on developers. Expect to also see appearances from Julia White, Scott Guthrie, Panos Panay, Kevin Scott, Rajesh Jha, Mark Russinovich, and many more.

“It’s not the Build we thought it would be, but it’s gonna be special,” says Hanselman. “We can’t wait to bring together our community of developers to learn, connect and code together.” Build 2020 will now be a 48-hour virtual event that begins on May 19th at 8AM PT / 11AM ET. Sessions, talks, and demos will all be held across multiple time zones, and there will still be Q&A sessions and interactive parts of the broadcasts.

“We’re committed to support developers with cost-effective, efficient innovations that make people’s lives easier and better, especially in uncertain times,” explains Hanselman. As Microsoft has refocused Build solely on developers, expect to hear announcements that are mainly developer-focused. We’re not expecting to hear a lot about Windows 10X, as Microsoft has shifted priorities amid the pandemic.

Microsoft may even send Build attendees a package in the post. During the Build registration, the company asks participants to “please provide the shipping information of where you will be accepting deliveries in May.”

Build will now take place between May 19th and 21st.

Link - theverge

EVO 2020 Fighting Game Tournament Moves Online
Following in the footsteps of other esports leagues and competitions for games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends or Overwatch, the largest fighting game tournament of the year — EVO 2020 — has now decided to move online as well, foregoing a physical event in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The original event was planned for July 31 to August 2 in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, with the official games lineup announced earlier in February to include Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Samurai Shodown, and Soulcalibur 6, although Mortal Kombat 11 will not be on the roster. However, a new announcement from the organizers on Twitter now says that the event will be moved online and held some time during this summer, though information regarding which games and players will participate has yet to be confirmed. Luckily for those who were going to attend, all tickets and bookings will be refunded.

If you were hoping to follow EVO 2020, stay tuned to the organizer’s Twitter page for more updates to come.

Link - hypebeast

Summer Game Fest announced as a season-long E3 replacement

In the absence of the annual E3 gaming convention, publishers and developers are filling the void with digital events of their own. On Friday, The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley announced his E3 2020 replacement, Summer Game Fest, described as a blend of “breaking news, in-game events, and free playable content.”

Summer Game Fest will run from May to August, and has buy-in from a long list of developers and publishers, including 2K, Activision, Bandai Namco, Bethesda, Blizzard Entertainment, Bungie, CD Projekt Red, Digital Extremes, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Private Division, Riot Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Square Enix, Valve, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Those companies will host digital events of their own under the Summer Game Fest brand, and will be broadcast on Facebook, Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and publishers’ own channels. The extent of their participation was not detailed.

In a news release, Summer Game Fest organizers said that Steam, Xbox, and other unspecified platforms will offer “playable, limited time demonstrations and trials of select game content” as part of the program. That includes the Valve and Keighley-organized Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, which will run June 9–14, the same week E3 2020 was previously scheduled to take place.

Organizers say that the Summer Game Fest will culminate with the previously announced Gamescom: Opening Night Live digital event on Aug. 24.

Link - polygon

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Everything we know

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been officially announced, confirming a lot of what we already suspected: Ubisoft's next Assassin's Creed game is coming in 2020, and it's all about Vikings. As leader of a Viking clan, players will clash with the Saxons as the Norse warriors attempt to settle in England.

Here's everything we know so far about Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

When is Assassin's Creed Valhalla's release date?
There's no specific launch date yet, but Assassin's Creed Valhalla is coming "Holiday 2020."

Who's the protagonist?

You'll play as Eivor, a warrior and Viking clan leader. While not shown in the trailer, players will be able to choose which version of Eivor they want to play, male or female. You can get a look at female Eivor in figurine form: She comes with the pricey ($200!) physical collector's edition, though we don't yet know if there's any in-game difference between the two versions of Eivor beside appearance and a different voice actor.

When and where is Valhalla set?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla takes place in England in the ninth century, beginning in the year 873. Your clan has left Norway behind to start a new life in England, which may be slightly more hospitable, but staking out some new territory won't be easy. You'll still have to deal with the Saxons, who aren't thrilled about your presence.

In real history, Vikings armies invaded and conquered much of England between 860 and 900 AD, but smaller raids were happening decades before that. King Alfred the Great of Wessex, a real figure, is in the Valhalla trailer above sending his soldiers out to battle the Vikings. He was one of the few English rulers to successfully beat back the Norse armies.

Is Valhalla an RPG like Odyssey?

Assassin's Creed Odyssey turned the familiar stealth action series into a full-bodied RPG experience, adding branching dialogue and player choices that could change the course of the story. It was a welcome change for the series, so we're happy to see RPG systems will continue in Valhalla.

"Advanced RPG mechanics allow you to shape the growth of your character and influence the world around you," says Ubisoft.

What does the combat look like?
There's a big battle in the cinematic trailer, and creative director Ashraf Ismail talks in detail about it in this developer's commentary video. "If you're going to make a Viking game, the combat needs to be visceral. It needs to be quite brutal," he says.

Ismail says there will be big, epic-scale battles in the game in addition to raids. It's hard to extrapolate how combat will really feel from a cinematic trailer, but it does contain some things we'll encounter in the game, including some very tall, heavily armored Saxon warriors. Ismail says these soldiers will have some weak points, which is hinted at in the video when Eivor stabs him through the knee.

Here are some notes on Eivor's confirmed combat abilities:

  • There are throwing axes. You can throw them.
  • Eivor can dual-wield "pretty much all combinations of weapons," even two shields if you want to. Two axes sounds better to us.
  • The classic assassin's hidden blade is back, although it's less hidden this time: it comes out of a chamber on the topside of Eivor's gauntlet.
You'll manage a settlement—and a tattoo parlor

The Assassin's Creed series has occasionally delved into customizable bases in the past, but in Valhalla base management will play a major role. "It's your own Viking village you'll see prosper and grow, and which your clan mates will live in," lead producer Julien Laferrière told Eurogamer. "It's at the center of our quests and the center of the decisions you make. We want players to see the consequences of their actions."

You'll manage and grow a Viking settlement in England, which will include constructing and upgrading various buildings like a barracks, a blacksmith, and even a tattoo parlor—so you can keep yourself and your clan inked up.

You can share custom Viking raiders with friends

As you expand your Viking clan's reach from Norway into England, you'll lead massive raids against your Saxon enemies. Launch attacks from your longboat, conquer Saxon forts, and even do a bit of diplomacy: Apparently you'll be able to "forge alliances" with some of the lords of England, though we don't have details of exactly how that will work yet.

You'll also be able to build unique mercenary Viking raiders to fight alongside your clan, and you'll be able to share these marauders with your friends for them to use in their own raids. You can even earn some loot when your friends use your custom Vikings in their games.

Valhalla won't launch on Steam (for now)

Following The Division 2's exclusive PC release on the Epic Games Store rather than Steam, Ubisoft said it would be releasing "several" more games on the Epic Store in the future. Now we know Assassin's Creed Valhalla is one of them. It will also be available on Ubisoft's Uplay launcher.

Will there be smooching?

There was a lot of romancing in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Valhalla is carrying forward that game's "advanced RPG mechanics." Love in the time of Vikings can apparently happen: Eurogamer's piece states that romance options are available and take place in the Viking settlement you manage.

Will the present-day story continue?

Yep. The modern day character of Layla Hassan first appeared in Assassin's Creed Origins and then again in Odyssey, and players will inhabit her for a third time in Valhalla. "We've found a way to blend the present day into a new type of experience for players," lead producer Julien Laferrière told Eurogamer.

Link - pcgamer

Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Introducing New Antiquities System

Players of The Elder Scrolls Online can look forward to a new and exciting feature coming with the upcoming Greymoor chapter. The Antiquities system will allow players to explore the fictional world of Tamriel and its history through artifact-finding in the gothic, vampire-themed Greymoor.

The newest chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online is set to release on May 26th, after being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Antiquities look like they will be a big part of upcoming gameplay, and they include an interesting incentive for players to travel and learn more about Tamriel's past. Players can join the Antiquarian Circle and hunt for "unique collectibles, treasure, and even powerful Mythic items."

The Elder Scrolls Online's Antiquities system features two new mini-games: Scrying and Excavation, which, when combined, allow a player to find and retrieve hidden objects. Michael Schroeder, lead designer for the new system, explains that the new mechanic is meant to be more puzzle-based than action-based and is best played in short bursts. He adds that he believes Antiquities can provide something for everyone, no matter what their approach to the game is.

Schroeder adds that Antiquities "gives [players] a reason to return to the places [they] might've already explored". ESO currently focuses on eastern Skyrim, while Greymoor will broaden the scope to include western Skyrim as well. Although players familiar with the series have no doubt explored much of Skyrim and Tamriel, the Antiquities system could be an opportunity for players to go back to regions and find things they may have missed before, or even explore new places.

Link - gamerant

GTA Online Players Are Picking Sides In A Giant Alien War

There is a war raging in Grand Theft Auto Online, but not between drug dealers or criminal kingpins. Instead, players are donning green, purple, or white suits in a war of different colored aliens. It’s weird, even for GTA Online.

As with most wars and conflicts, it is impossible to pinpoint a specific moment when it all began, but over the last few weeks a trend has popped up in GTA Online. As reported on by other outlets, players have begun dressing up as neon green aliens and roaming the virtual streets of Los Santos. After finding a lone player, these gangs hop out of their vans and beat the victim to death with fists and baseball bats.

But it seems these green aliens have gone too far and made some enemies. Across various subreddits connected to GTA Online, players are beginning to fight back against the green alien hordes. One of the most popular factions that has sprouted up recently are the purple aliens. Team purple, if you will. These aliens are more focused on attacking green aliens than jumping random players going about their day in GTA Online. There are even reports of these purple aliens protecting players from the deadly gangs of green aliens.

Seemingly in response to the purple and green aliens, another faction has formed, with players donning white clothes and costumes, becoming team white. Other smaller sub-factions are also forming. For example, some players have decided to rid GTA Online of all neon aliens, regardless of color, and are dressing up as FIB agents. (In GTA V and GTA Online, the FIB is the in-game parody of the FBI.)

Some enemy factions are teaming up against other factions, like green and purple aliens declaring hatred for team red. Since anyone can wear any color they want and play however they choose, these allegiances are shaky at best. In general, if you see a person wearing a purple suit there’s still a good chance they pull out a rifle and kill you.

For players who haven’t declared a side or don’t even know about the war, GTA Online lobbies might feel a bit strange right now. “I’ve been right in the middle of this and I still don’t fully understand what’s going on,” admitted one player on a meme post about the current state of the so-called “Alien War.”

Trends pop up in GTA Online from time to time, like the time when assholes used nukes to kill players. But I’ve not seen a trend grow this fast and become this popular in some time. In a time when the game is seeing minimal updates, it seems a lot of players are creating their own fun.

As one player said on a post sharing a video clip of green and purple aliens fighting, “The alien war is the best thing to have happened to GTA free roam.” Considering the game is usually filled with trolls using exploits and jetbikes to annoy people, I’m inclined to agree.

Link - kotaku

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