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Greetings! Wish my hermit internet son a happy birthday .

Happy Birthday

Other than that , there are quite a few videos i found that are quite fun to watch , in misc
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
- SunKenRock

There is a chance for an Overwatch Tournament ,but we wont know unless people reply and let the DIvineKat know.

Overwatch Fever Tournament?

Game Nights:

Events Schedule


Please check the forum calendar and #events channel on Discord for up-to-date event times. Also see the suggestions thread for any requests and/or offers to host an event

If you would like to help ensure your game's game nights, events, etc. are listed and want to have the ability to post them on the calendar, or your game nights do not appear on this calendar over the next few days, please contact Medic739. He will get them squared away.

To convert the times to your timezone, use the following tool: Time Zone Converter. Please check the Discord Events channel for reminders about events. Also with some game nights being made up for that day due to the people who are on.

Diablo 3

The Amazing Fever 24 hour Rat Run

July 26 8 pm est to July 27 8 pm est

what is a rat run? a group consisting of:

2 rathma mage dps (L.O.N) atm
1 necro support (znecro)
1 barb support (whirlwind with pickup radius)

Objective: Speed elite hunt through Greater Rifts for paragon farming for 24 hours while subbing in different group members for the times they sign up for.

We will be looking for participants to choose a time frame when they can attend.
It will be first to sign up for time slots gets it. Each time slot consists of 2 dps necros 1 znecro and 1 barb. please pick as many as you can attend. We have members in different time zones, so am hoping we have good coverage. If any have to leave earlier than expected please contact (Zykath), I will be on standby for fill ins.

We have over a month to prepare so any needing help with leveling and gearing proper classes to participate, I am willing to help. We also have game nights to make use of.

Clan Jobs: In and out of gaming

Fever Clan Job Roster Master List

This link will take you to everything Fever and provides a table of contents to direct you to what you may seek. If you do not see anything for a game that you are looking for (or might be interested in starting a group in) contact:

Head - @Thundernut,
Deputies - @Gizmo256, @Axle (Recruitment)

Important Openings In Job Positions

In an effort to help support immediate needs by the different departments and companies, the following list has been generated. It will be updated on a monthly basis. Please reach out to the contact personnel for more information about the roles.

Clan Jobs Forum!

This is a forum dedicated to job adverts where companies and departments can post their available jobs, specify what it would entail, and if it is open to officers and/or enlisted. You are not required to use this forum, but it's here as a means to help you get personnel into your section. When that position is filled, please make a final post that the position was filled and then close your thread (or request to get it closed if you do not have permissions) to further responses.

League of Legends:Ahri, Karthus.Which Mid-Laner

World of Warcraft:Patch 8.2 Hotfixes

Simulator:Sims 4 Expansion Updates

jason / MatuHM / TtamSIn / Shurik / biglarry369 / LordDarksider

Last week's winner was WackyT420 - please congratulate him!

This week's nominees are:




Please vote for them here -> PoW-07-08-2019

The 10 Highest-Earning Esports Organizations of the First Half of 2019 by Total Winnings

With more than $50M USD awarded between just the top 10 highest-prizing games so far in 2019, many prominent esports organizations have already amassed significant winnings ahead of the second half of the year.

According to data collected by Esports Earnings, the top 10 winningest teams (by total prize earnings) have each earned more than $625K apiece, with three teams surpassing the million-dollar mark in six months or less. There’s still a lot more potential money ahead, especially with Dota 2‘s record-breaking (and still-growing) The International 2019 prize pool and the $30M Fortnite World Cup—but for now, these are the top-earning teams when it comes to prizing this year.

10.Virtus.pro: $627K

Virtus.pro’s success in 2019 thus far has primarily come via Dota 2, and its largest winnings are from non-victories: the team earned $170K each from second-place finishes at The Chongqing Major 2019 and DreamLeague Season 11, respectively, and added another $100K from a third-place result at this past weekend’s EPICENTER Major 2019 . The once-dominant Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team has earned just $27K from that game so far this year, along with $16K from Fortnite.

9.Ninjas in Pyjamas: $693K

Ninjas in Pyjamas took a large percentage of its 2019 prize pool earnings from Dota 2, as well, with $440K of its $693K total coming from the game. The team’s two biggest wins came from the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 and OGA Dota PIT Minor, each of which earned the team $125K. The team’s next-best game was CS:GO, which has accounted for $181K so far in 2019 including $45K for a third-place finish at BLAST Pro Series: Miami .

8.TnC Gaming: $703K

TnC Gaming’s 2019 earnings come almost entirely from its Dota 2 team, which earned $500K by winning the WESG 2018 tournament in March. The team earned another $75K by topping the Asia Pacific Predator League and $80K for finishing fourth at the EPICENTER Major 2019, but otherwise had modest winnings in other tournaments—fourth place at the ESL One Mumbai 2019 ($20K) and 9th-12th at The Chongqing Major ($15K), for example.

7.NRG: $744K (Includes Shock)

With the San Francisco Shock’s Overwatch League winnings factored in, NRG has pulled in $744K from prize pools so far this year. The Shock commanded the largest amount of that, $300K, from finishing second in Stage 1 and winning Stage 2. NRG’s CS:GO team has earned $220K so far from tournaments, including a pair of recent third/fourth-place finishes at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals ($40K) and ECS Season 7 Finals ($50K). Its Rocket League team, meanwhile, has earned $93K so far this year.

6.Team Vitality: $747K

June was very kind to Team Vitality , as a pair of major wins—the CS:GO ECS Season 7 Finals ($225K) and Rocket League Championship Series World Championship ($200K)—more than doubled the team’s earnings so far this year. CS:GO has been the organization’s largest source of prize money at $437K total, while its Rocket League total this year stands at $259K. The organization’s next-highest game, Hearthstone , isn’t even close at $21K.

5.Astralis: $782K

Astralis plays CS:GO and CS:GO alone, and the team has been extraordinarily successful at it—in 2018, the team earned $3.65M in prizing from a series of major wins. The team hasn’t been as dominant over the last couple of months, but its $500K grand prize for winning March’s Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2019 Major forms the bulk of its earnings, with a BLAST Pro Series: São Paulo win soon after adding another $125K to the tally.

4.Vici Gaming: $993K

Vici Gaming’s trio of big Dota 2 tournament wins helped it jump up the list, amassing $993K so far in 2019. The team earned $932K of its $993K 2019 haul to date from the game, including $350K each for winning DreamLeague Season 11 and The EPICENTER Major 2019. Another $125K came from winning the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor. The rest of Vici’s prize earnings came from games such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) ($17K), League of Legends ($29K), and CS:GO ($15K).

3.Team Secret: $1.13M

Team Secret is quite good at Dota 2, and has already extended its streak to five straight years of winning at least $1M from the game. The organization has competed in just six Dota 2 events so far in 2019 and won four of them: The Chongqing Major ($350K), MDL Disneyland Paris Major ($350K), ESL One Katowice ($125K), and ESL One Birmingham ($125K). Team Secret’s non-Dota 2 earnings come from games such as Rainbow Six Siege ($36K) and Fortnite ($20K).

2.G2 Esports: $1.73M

How lucrative is Rainbow Six Siege in 2019? It’s lucrative enough for G2 Esports to net $800K from winning the Six Invitational 2019, February’s de facto world championship. G2 has also earned $490K in prizing from League of Legends so far this year, including $400K for winning May’s Mid-Season Invitational. The team also has $227K from CS:GO, as well as $162K from Rocket League following a runner-up finish at the RLCS World Championship.

1.Team Liquid: $2.17M

Team Liquid’s 2019 earnings are pretty diversified, although its $734K haul from CS:GO leads the pack by a fair amount. Winning the recent ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals earned the team $250K alone, plus it earned $100K each from winning DreamHack Masters Dallas , IEM Season XIV – Sydney, and iBUYPOWER Masters IV. Elsewhere, the team earned $533K from Dota 2, $145K from PUBG, $105K from Hearthstone, $97K from Magic: The Gathering Arena , $94K from Rainbow Six Siege, and $79K from Fortnite.


Fallout 76's next big patch makes some welcome improvements to the game

An upcoming Fallout 76 patch will make some welcome improvements to the game, including helping new players ease into the wasteland.
Patch 11, due out mid-July, will change the game so low-level characters have more gradual introductions to some of the MMO's mechanics and challenges, Bethesda said in a blog post.

Characters under level 25 will pay fewer caps when fast-traveling, for example. Characters under level 15 will have higher disease resistance. Bethesda also plans to replace a number of early-game challenge rewards with items that'll give newcomers "a better chance at survival".

The developer said it's looking to nerf the difficulty of some creatures in a few sub-regions within the Ash Heap, the Savage Divide and Toxic Valley, the idea being players have fewer encounters with higher-level enemies when they first leave the relative safety of the forest. The upshot of all this is new players should have an easier time of it out in the wasteland, which is certainly a good thing.

Elsewhere, patch 11 makes raw food items and fluxes last 50 per cent longer before spoiling. The patch also means food and drinks no longer lose condition after you fast travel.

And here's another welcome change: patch 11 improves item descriptions. Legendary items will display all their current attributes rather than just the first whenever you view them in trade, vending or container menus. And - finally! - when you view crafting recipes or mods in the inspect, trade, vending or container menus, you'll now see the description for the item they create.

Other welcome quality of life improvements include the ability to activate Stealth Boys while wearing Power Armor, a new Enable Power Armor HUD option to the settings that lets you toggle between the Power Armor HUD or the standard HUD while wearing Power Armor, and - again, finally! - post-patch bulk junk items in your inventory will be safe from the Scrap All Junk option - a change requested by fans ever since Fallout 76 came out. However, bulk junk will continue to be automatically scrapped as needed while you are crafting or repairing.

Link: eurogamer

Warframe’s Third Open-World Zone

Warframe has been adding open-world zones to expand beyond the usual small-map, claustrophobic run-and-gun combat scenarios for the past couple of years. The last two open-world zones were pretty awesome, but the third one – The Duviri Paradox – is something that just goes beyond anything we expected. It was revealed during Digital Extremes’ annual Tennocon convention, but developers have yet to tell us when it’ll actually be implemented into the game. One this is for sure from the reveal trailer, though – it’s certainly not like anything we’ve seen in Warframe so far.

The surreal landscape brings in a new enemy faction and ages your operators forward into adulthood. Unfortunately, there’s little more to tell you about the Duviri Paradox as of now, but you check out the trailer above, you’ll certainly be as excited as we are to check out this new zone when it does become available.

Link: addictedtoplay

Anime Expo 2019 News Recap

Aksys Games

The busiest of the companies, Aksys made nine different Switch announcements at their panel. A physical release of Fishing Star World Tour will be out in September, and Ghost Parade (announced at last year's event) will be out in November. Spirit Hunter: NG, a follow-up to last year's Death Mark, will release in October (Spirit Hunter being the name of the series).

Additionally, Aksys has begun to release their multiple otome ("maiden", adventure games focused on romance) on Switch outside Japan in association with Idea Factory. Code: Realize -Guardian of Rebirth- will be the first one to launch, with a December 2019 release. Five other titles were given 2020 release windows: Code: Realize -Future Blessings- (a sequel to the first), Collar x Malice, Collar x Malice: Unlimited (a fan story follow up), Cafe Enchante, and Piofore.

Bandai Namco

Two different panels featured announcements from Bandai Namco. The first saw the announcement for 2020 of One Piece Pirate Warriors 4: the third game in the musou series launched on Switch last May.

A later panel featured two Digmon related announcements. Digimon Survive, originally announced for a 2019 release to coincide with the series's 10th anniversary, has been delayed to next year. At the same event, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition was announced for Switch with an October 18 release date, combining the 2016 and 2018 digital monster collection RPGs into a single Switch package.


Known more as a developer, CyberConnect2's first foray into publishing will come from Fuga: Melodies of Steel, a 2020 Switch release. Fuga is a part of the same series as 2011 DS RPG Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, but will be more strategy focused.


At a panel with no stream or video, Level-5 confirmed that the recently-in-Japan released Yo-Kai Watch 4 will be localized. No release window was given, nor who would publish it: Nintendo have published the 3DS entries in the series outside Japan, though they were the Western publishers of all of the Professor Layton games aside from the Switch version of Layton's Mysterious Journey.

The Snack World was also reconfirmed for a Western release, but no further details were provided.


In addition to details on River City Girls, WayForward announced a collaboration with Studio Trigger (Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia) for the opening video of Shantae 5.

Link: nintendoworldreport

Epic will refund Shenmue 3 backers upset by game’s move to Epic Games Store
Some of those who backed the campaign to make Shenmue 3 on Kickstarter were upset when developers moved the retail product from Valve’s Steam storefront to the Epic Games Store. Today those same backers were informed that, even though they were promised a Steam code at launch, they won’t be able to get one. Those upset by the debacle are being offered a full refund by Epic Games, not Shenmue 3 developer Ys Net.

The announcement comes courtesy of a Kickstarter update from the game’s development team and a series of tweets from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney.

“We had originally planned for PC distribution through Steam,” Ys Net said. “In response to backers who have requested Steam keys for their rewards, we discussed offering the keys on the day of release. However, coordination with the sales policies of the involved companies was untenable, and as a result we are not able to make a day one distribution option for Steam keys available.”

The post goes on to offer either physical product or digital game codes for Shenmue 3 via the Epic Games Store or on PlayStation 4. If that’s not sufficient, developers say they will give backers their money back.

Some restrictions may apply, however. Those who backed the project at higher tiers, for instance, may not be able to get all their money back.
Here’s the kicker though: Any and all refunds will come courtesy of Epic Games, not Ys Net or Shenmue 3’s current publisher, Deep Silver.

“Epic is funding the cost of all Kickstarter refunds resulting from Shenmue 3’s move to the Epic Games store,” said Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney today on Twitter, “so that refunds won’t reduce Ys Net’s development funding.”

That’s already a bold move by Epic, but Sweeney went even further: “When future games go Epic-exclusive after offering crowdfunding rewards on other PC stores,” he said in a follow-up tweet, “we’ll either coordinate with colleagues at the other stores to ensure key availability in advance, or guarantee refunds at announcement time.”

Shenmue 3’s move to the Epic Games Store isn’t the only such maneuver to raise eyebrows. The company behind the smash hit Fortnite has been locking in exclusive titles left and right for its store. Sweeney recently went on the record saying that such deals are the “only strategy” that will change the “status quo,” where developers typically receive only 70 percent of the revenue from their games. Epic takes considerably less than the 30 percent cut common among its competitors like Valve and Apple.

Initially pitched on Kickstarter with a delivery date of December 2017, Shenmue 3’s crowdfunding campaign closed with more than $6.3 million pledged in July 2015. The project has had multiple delays, and is currently expected for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via the Epic Games Store on Nov. 19.

Link: polygon

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s New Moon Environments Shown at GuardianCon

In September 2019 Guardians will return to the Moon in Destiny 2, that epochal location from the original game known for being the home of Peter Dinklage’s quotable wizard. Destiny 2 players will be revisiting the Moon as part of the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion, delving further into the dark below than even The Dark Below expansion did in 2014. While Bungie isn’t yet ready to fully unveil what Guardians can look forward to within Shadowkeep, they do have a teaser to keep players excited.

Ongoing is this year’s GuardianCon convention, an event built around Destiny livestreamers, their communities, and raising money for charity. Bungie’s usually a presence at the convention, though it’s not an official Destiny or Bungie convention. This year’s no different, with Bungie attending and deciding to share a bit of previously unreleased footage. The video, a clip from Bungie’s livestream, shows some of the Moon environments that Destiny 2 players will see in Shadowkeep.

For Destiny 2 players who aren’t worried about light environment spoilers, the short video is a must-watch. Each scene lasts only a second or two, showcasing over a dozen locations that live up to Bungie’s impressive standards of quality. Standing out from the rest of the scenes is, of course, the Shadowkeep itself. The huge red castle is as beautiful as it is daunting, with cracked walls and horned crenelations.

Then at the center of the Shadowkeep’s wall is a giant portal. Guardians can probably imagine what kind of Hive horrors lie beyond, though the video also teases some of the torturous traps players will be discovering on their own.

Bungie’s spent the past month breaking down its ideas for how to take Destiny 2 and the Destiny franchise forward as an independent developer. Guardians have been incredibly supportive of what Bungie’s talked about so far, but will also hold Bungie to a high level of accountability. Bungie’s taking its time with Shadowkeep, introducing players to things as the content is ready to be shown. And so far, as this video shows, everything on the Moon looks very good.

Link: gamerant

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