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Aug 5, 2016
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It has been a rather short and non eventful week . Besides the full release of Division 2 , there hasnt been much to speak of. Though on the gaming news side , there is a few things i was able to uncover. Also seeing there is the GDC going on this week , with PAX east just around the corner. Personally of interested in a game coming out this friday called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice . I do wonder if anyone else is looking towards this , as it is multiplatform - SunKenRock

The weekly is looking for further members to increase the staff , mostly those with the known how or the time to add their input to the various sections that are available. Maybe there is something that could be altered or added , as the weekly is always a main stay for fever.

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DOTA 2 : A New Challenger Appears!

CSGO : Funny Memes

Division 2 : Details

Path of Exile : Deal Of The Day

Fezulo / peterteigen / Eraycer / iMrSkittles / Derrny

Drk_knight.tv / CravinAsian

NVIDIA's ray tracing tech will soon run on older GTX cards
NVIDIA has announced that its ray-tracing tech, only available on its new RTX cards so far, is coming to its older GeForce GTX 10-series cards in April. The technology will work on GPUs from the GTX 1060 and up, albeit with some serious caveats. Some games like Battlefield V will run just fine and deliver better visuals, but other games, like the freshly released Metro Exodus, will run at just 18 fps at 1440p -- obviously an unplayable frame-rate.

What games you'll be able to play with ray-tracing tech (also known as DXR) on NVIDIA GTX cards depends entirely on how it's implemented. In Battlefield V, for instance, the tech is only used for things like reflections. On top of that, you can dial down the strength of the effect so that it consumes less computing horsepower.

Metro Exodus, on the other hand, uses ray tracing to create highly realistic "global illumination" effects, simulating lighting from the real world. It's the first game that really showed the potential of RTX cards and actually generated some excitement about the tech. However, because it's so computationally intensive, GTX cards (which don't have the RTX tensor cores) will be effectively be too slow to run it.

NVIDIA explained that when it was first developing the next gen RTX tech, it found chips using Pascal tech would be "monster" sized and consume up to 650 watts. That's because the older cards lack both the integer cores and tensor cores found on the RTX cards. They get particularly stuck on ray-tracing, running about four times slower than the RTX cards on Metro Exodus.

Since Metro Exodus is so heavily ray-traced, the RTX cards run it three times quicker than older GTX 10-series cards. However, that falls to two times for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and 1.6 times for Battlefield V, because both of those games use ray tracing less. The latest GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti GPUs, which don't have RT but do have integer cores, will run ray-traced games moderately better than last-gen 10-series GPUs.

None of this was much of an issue up until now, because there were really no games other than Battlefield V that took advantage of ray tracing. However, NVIDIA also announced that Unity and Unreal Engine, the two largest gaming engines, now support ray-tracing. That means that developers can implement the tech by essentially just flipping it on, making it likely you'll see it in more games soon.

NVIDIA also unveiled a new set of tools for those game engines called GameWorks RTX that will help developers implement ray-traced games. It includes the RTX Denoiser SDK that enables real-time ray-tracing through techniques that reduce the required ray count and number of samples per pixel. It will support ray-traced effects like area light shadows, glossy reflections, ambient occlusion and diffuse global illumination (the latter is used in Metro Exodus). Suffice to say, all of those things will make game look a lot prettier.

Finally, the company unveiled a few more ray-traced games and experiences, including Nexon's Dragonhound (shown above), Quake II RTX, and demo video called Control. NVIDIA will show off all of those games at GDC, so we'll try to get a closer look.
It's been a year since NVIDIA unveiled RTX GPUS, and the technology is off to a slow start, to say the least. Now that some games are arriving, NVIDIA is at least doing the right thing by unlocking the tech for buyers of older cards. Just keep your expectations low when NVIDIA releases RT drivers for GTX cards next month.

Link : engadget

Overwatch League Full Home-and-Away Schedule Launching in 2020

Overwatch League confirmed it will launch a full home-and-away schedule in 2020, greatly enhancing both the operational challenges and the team-level revenue potential for the global esports property.

Teams have been preparing for a 2020 move from the central Blizzard Arena in LA back to their markets since launch, but league executives had been reluctant to commit to it officially. “We had to get to level of comfort obviously before we got to this step,” said Commissioner Nate Nanzer.

A full schedule, venues and ticket information will not be released until later this year, but Nanzer said the schedule will resemble traditional sports leagues’ usual procedures. Each team will play half its games at home and half on the road, with more games against teams in their own division, and road games stacked up in nearby markets to create efficient road trips — especially important given that OWL features teams in Asia, Europe, and North America. The season will run from mid-February through August.

Some teams are still working out venue agreements, and all must quickly expand their front-office capabilities to host regular events. But team owners are eager for the move, expecting it will open up revenue streams that most esports teams lack — ticketing, local sponsorships, merchandising — and allow them to gather better data on fans.

“We think giving esports teams an opportunity to build a home base and to put their own stamp on it, like in the same way Wrigley Field is different from Yankee Stadium, that’s a really cool opportunity for esports teams,” Nanzer said. “And it obviously opens ups a ton of economics for the team, beyond just the traditional ones like ticketing, parking, and concessions.”
He also said it will help develop esports business talent. “Think about how many executives in sports today starting working in local ticket sales,” Nanzer said.

The league will not expand before the 2020 season, he said, freeing up the current 20 teams to commit to a firm schedule without newcomers. OWL wants to eventually field 28 teams globally and grew from 12 to 20 in a flurry of expansion in 2018.

Link : esportsobserver

Google at GDC , Reveal on Tuesday
We’re on the ground at GDC 2019 today in the lead up to Google’s gaming event tomorrow, and we got a chance to get the first look at what seems likely to be the logo for the new product that makes up this big announcement. A game streaming service of some kind is certainly in the cards, and we’ve reported that hardware will be involved too…

There’s a couple setups going on in San Fran. The first, on the street outside Moscone, is basically just a big brand activation showing off the history of gaming with various products and alluding to Google’s big announcement tomorrow as the continuation of that gaming story. I’d bet this spot will be pretty popular for photos after the announcement tomorrow, and it definitely catches the eye of the passing public.

The second setup is indoors on the second floor of Moscone West, as mentioned. There are about a dozen or so televisions all set up at the moment teasing tomorrow’s announcement. And the sheer fact that there are so many TVs set up would suggest that after the announcement, we’ll be able to stop by here and check out the game streaming service/hardware in action.

Also in this space are several cases that presumably will have some sort of hardware shown in them tomorrow. Unfortunately, at this point, we don’t have any clue of what to expect. A controller + streaming dongle/Chromecast combo? A standalone console of some kind? We’ll have to wait til tomorrow, but either way, it seems Google’s proud enough of the hardware that they want to show it off.

Be sure to tune in here tomorrow for our full coverage of the event and the new streaming service & hardware. We’re on the ground here in San Francisco and we’re excited to see what Google has to show off at 10am PT/1pm ET. Expect a livestream and live blog with more details as we learn them early tomorrow morning.

Link : 9to5google

Portal writer and Riot Games senior designer launch a new studio focused on co-op games

Portal and Left four Useless creator Chet Faliszek and Rebellion Video games senior technical clothier Kimberly Voll have introduced a brand new studio known as Stray Bombay Corporate that may focal point at the construction of AI-driven “collaborative gaming reviews.”

“As Kim and I talked over time about the type of video games we need to make, we discovered we need to create video games that give avid gamers a spot to respire and reside within the second,” Faliszek wrote at straybombay.com. “Video games that inform tales realizing you will come again over and over, that fluctuate each and every time you play them with out feeling totally random, and that let you really feel like an actual crew that helps each and every different… no longer a number of people in each and every different’s method. And the place AI drives no longer simply the enemies however is helping power all of the revel in.”

Faliszek is most probably the simpler identified of the 2 amongst avid gamers, however Voll has an outstanding listing of credit too. She’s labored on a large number of indie video games over time together with the 2016 VR free up Unbelievable Contraption, a must have for HTC Vive homeowners, and ultimate 12 months she gave a GDC presentation about how Rebellion used to be in a position to redesign League of Legend’s honor machine.

“We expect now could be the time to modify the tradition of recreation construction. Make everybody equals, no longer simply of their have an effect on at the challenge however in how we divide the loot of our luck. Loosen up strict PTO insurance policies as a result of we consider each and every different to make the effort you wish to have. We need to construct video games that replicate our tradition,” Voll mentioned.

“We’re supported via like-minded, affected person traders with Kevin at In advance Ventures as our lead, who has identified us for years, running with Chet on a gaming startup board, in addition to Rebellion Video games. They love and perceive video games however extra importantly, have again and again subsidized founder-led and employee-owned tech startups from the start in opposition to long-term, unbiased luck.”

With the studio introduced, the plan now could be to “pass darkish for somewhat bit as we commence laying the root of our new international.” It appears like there may be already been some respectable quantity of growth in that path, regardless that, as Faliszek instructed PC Video games Insider that he had a prototype operating in Cohesion and Unreal earlier than partnering with Voll to release the studio.

“We all know the path we are going. As other people sign up for the crew, that’ll lend a hand in finding the sport extra obviously. We are very iterative, everyone seems to be a clothier, everybody participates within the procedure,” he mentioned. “Everybody becoming a member of [the studio] may have a large have an effect on at the challenge. Clearly, we now have a plan, there is a framework that we will be able to cling all of it off, however everybody will be capable to specific themselves and feature an have an effect on.”

Faliszek additionally showed that he’s not with Bossa Studios, the Worlds Adrift developer he joined up with in 2017. In reality, it sounds as regardless that that may well be a large a part of what resulted in the release of Stray Bombay.

“I simply do not suppose it used to be moderately the appropriate fit. Bossa is excellent; I really like them. It used to be essentially the most cordial breakup of constructing certain that everyone used to be ok and serving to each and every different the most efficient shall we … I take numerous notes, I observe growth and spot the place issues are so I will have a excellent standpoint on it and I introduced some stuff up and we talked it thru and it simply wasn’t excellent for each side. We determined to break-up.”

Faliszek mentioned that it used to be as much as Bossa to remark at the state of that challenge following his departure, so I have reached out to invite and can replace if I obtain a answer. To stay alongside of happenings at the new challenge, you’ll be able to upload your title to the mailing listing at straybombay.com.

Link : thebreakingnewheadlines

Microsoft is adapting Xbox Live's matchmaking and chat features for PC and other platforms

This morning, Microsoft announced a new game developer-focused initiative that brings its already existing game-development platforms, tools, and services under a single ecosystem called Game Stack. Those services include Azure, DirectX, Visual Studio, Xbox Live, App Center, Havok, and others, including PlayFab, a complete backend for building and operating live, multiplayer games. Microsoft's goal with bundling all those services together (which are also available still à la carte) is to make it easier for developers to continually monitor their games' performance and communities, which can mean better game experiences for players.

This initiative also means that Microsoft's Azure cloud, which is already available in 54 regions globally, plays a critical role in Game Stack. The global scale of Azure will be the foundation for Project xCloud streaming technology, so developers will have the ability to reach any gamer around the world, regardless of what device they may be gaming on. Cloud gaming is already starting to make PC gaming more accessible, and combining something like PlayFab with Azure only increases cross-platform possibilities within Microsoft's gaming network.

But how does PlayFab integrate with Azure, and does what that mean for gamers, specifically PC gamers? The two services together allows developers "to safely launch and scale up multiplayer games by dynamically hosting [their] servers with Azure cloud compute," Kareem Choudhry, Corporate Vice President of Cloud Gaming, said this morning in a press release. "PlayFab supports all major devices, from iOS and Android, to PC and Web, to Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch; and all major game engines, including Unity and Unreal. PlayFab will also continue to support all major clouds going forward."

To help reach gamers in new ways, five new PlayFab services have been announced—and three of those services can have a direct impact on players' experiences, depending on how/if developers choose to integrate them into their games. The first of those three important services is PlayFab Matchmaking, adapted from Xbox live matchmaking, but now available to all games and devices, including PC of course.

The second is PlayFab Party, which was adapted from Xbox Party chat, but is also now available for all games and devices. Microsoft announced speech-to-text translation for Xbox One and PC games chat back in March of 2017, but PlayFab Party in this case is able to leverage Azure for real-time translation in addition to transcription. Language barriers in multiplayer games could be a thing of the past.

The third is PlayFab User Generated Content, which allows players to create and share user generated content with other players under one monetary ecosystem. This technology was originally built for the Minecraft marketplace, but now it's available for developers to utilize in any multiplayer game they are making.

It's also worth noting that public trials for PlayFab services on the xCloud will start later this year, but private trials are currently underway.

At a time when cloud gaming and Netflix-like subscription models are starting to gain traction, it's important that developers are provided with the right tools to navigate developing games for that nearly uncharted landscape. This is one of Microsoft's goals with Game Stack, and hopefully its intent does set-up developers to create great experiences for gamers in a quickly-changing, multiplayer game landscape.

Link : pcgamer

Anthem’s endgame loot drops have been boosted, with more significant changes on the way

It sometimes feels too easy to make fun of Anthem. As far as video games go, it’s the equivalent of a cow in a paintball field, lazily munching grass and wearing a sandwich advertising sign that warns you not to shoot the bovine pacifist. I mean only a monster would do that, but dammit the temptation to do so is there.

So here’s some good news for Bioware’s grand flop into open-world adventure. If you’ve got a live service game whose primary draw is the hunt for better weapons and more exclusive loot, then you damn well better make sure that the grind is worthwhile. So far, Anthem’s mathematical melee action hasn’t justified the time invested in exploring its dull world, especially after a recent bug that actually made the game better, was quickly squashed.

Bioware’s decision to make Anthem less fun was baffling enough, and after plenty of moaning from the community that wants the game to be better, the developer has decided to grab a hammer and break the game all over again with “some notable changes to the loot drop rate in specific scenarios”, That includes:

  • Masterwork & Legendary drop rates have been increased for Grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3 difficulty levels.
  • Masterwork & Legendary drop rates have been increased for harder enemies at all difficulty levels. This includes: Legendary Titan, Epic Titan, Legendary Fury, Legendary Acid Ursix and Legendary Luminary Elder.
According to Anthem global community lead Andrew Johnson over on reddit, these changes will be felt in all activities, strongholds and Grandmaster 2 and 3 difficulty settings “for the noted high level enemy types.”
Don’t have exact percentages to share, but they are pretty significant, yes. Please play and let us know what you see, but also realize experiences are still going vary person-to-person.
The changes should have kicked in by now, with Bioware committed to bringing more significant upgrades to their world. Is it an incremental change? Absolutely, but it’s also better than nothing and a sign that the people working in the trenches of Anthem are paying attention. At this rate, Anthem should be a touch more brilliant in a year’s time because remember, there ain’t nothing wrong with not buying a game on launch day.

Link : criticalhit

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass: Here's Everything We Want To See
After racking up more than 50 million players, Respawn is all set to launch its first season of new content for its ultra-popular free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends. The first season, dubbed Wild Frontier, will begin at 10:00 am PDT tomorrow, and will be accompanied by a battle pass.

That battle pass will cost players 950 Apex Coins (about $10), and will unlock a new reward at every level the player reaches during the season. The first level, which anyone who buys the pass automatically qualifies for, unlocks the Legend skins seen above. There are 100 levels in total, which should keep players busy for the long haul – though you can also get a head start by purchasing an alternative battle pass bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins, which skips you through the first 25 levels.

Respawn’s website notes that the battle pass is retroactive, so you can purchase it towards the end of the season and still receive all the unlocks you would have earned. Additionally, all players during the season – whether they purchase the battle pass or not – can earn another Legend skin, five Apex packs, and 18 stat trackers. For more on the battle pass, check out the link below.

Link : gameinformer

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