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"Write the editorial" he says... it'll be easy! Ha!
I don't have a way with words the way SunKenRock does, but there's been a lot going on this week what with new gaming sections being added so have a read and see what piques your interest! Now on with the show!


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
- SunKenRock

This week there is quite a plethora of things to spread out to the masses. Even though people can see changes , sometimes there might be some stuff that is missed as it can be hard to know where to look. Such as...
-You may have noticed some changes to the the forum when they came back online during the middle of last week.

-The awards will start to become visible as they are being added.

-There are quite a few game nights so you can expand out a bit if you are looking for games such as Grim dawn leveling and Magic the Gathering Arena

-Also there are a handful of XO's :
(An XO is someone who is trying to take a game and give it life within fever--trying to generate activity and pool players together)

Stagray for Heroes of the storm

Violet for Grim Dawn

BoondockEOD for Apex legends

Game Nights:

Events Schedule


Please check the forum calendar and #events channel on Discord for up-to-date event times. Also see the suggestions thread for any requests and/or offers to host an event

If you would like to help ensure your game's game nights, events, etc. are listed and want to have the ability to post them on the calendar, or your game nights do not appear on this calendar over the next few days, please contact Violet. She will get them squared away.

To convert the times to your timezone, use the following tool: Time Zone Converter. Please check the Discord Events channel for reminders about events. Also with some game nights being made up for that day due to the people who are on.

Clan Jobs: In and out of gaming

Fever Clan Job Roster Master List

This link will take you to everything Fever and provides a table of contents to direct you to what you may seek. If you do not see anything for a game that you are looking for (or might be interested in starting a group in) contact:

Head - @Thundernut,
Deputies - @Gizmo256, @Axle (Recruitment)

Important Openings In Job Positions

In an effort to help support immediate needs by the different departments and companies, the following list has been generated. It will be updated on a monthly basis. Please reach out to the contact personnel for more information about the roles.

League of Legends: Dark Binding - Manage your keybindings by champion

Misc Shooter: Apex Legends

Minecraft: Help

Miscellaneous Rpg: Grim Dawn Section

Warframe: 6th Anniversary Weekend Wars

Facebook acquires AI startup that helps you shop

Facebook said Friday that it purchased a startup called GrokStyle, which uses artificial intelligence to help shoppers find furniture and home decor.

"We are excited to welcome GrokStyle to Facebook," Facebook spokeswoman Vanessa Chan said in a statement. "Their team and technology will contribute to our AI capabilities."

Furniture retailer Ikea uses technology developed by GrokStyle in its mobile app. Users snap a picture of a piece of furniture and the app shows them similar products they can purchase online.

In a blog post, GrokStyle says it's "moving on as a team" but doesn't mention it was purchased by Facebook.

"Our team and technology will live on, and we will continue using our AI to build great visual search experiences for retail," GrokStyle said in the post. "As part of this next chapter, we are winding down our business."

The San Francisco startup, founded in 2015, does note on its LinkedIn page that it's been acquired by Facebook. That page also says GrokStyle has between two and 10 employees.

Facebook declined to say how much it spent to acquire GrokStyle. Bloombergreported earlier about the acquisition.

Link: cnet

This week in esports:

Team Liquid says goodbye to Heroes of the Storm
The announcement marks the end of Liquid’s five-year involvement with Heroes of the Storm, which began while the game was still in the technical alpha stage of development. The organization has published a history of its Heroes of the Storm teamas a sort of in memoriam on its official website.

Team Liquid’s strongest season was 2018, and it wound up being the final season of the Heroes Global Championship. Blizzard’s December announcement that it was shifting developers away from Heroes of the Storm also specified that it was discontinuing both the HGC and Heroes of the Dorm series.

While Team Liquid’s ‘goodbye to HotS’ statement spends most of its time celebrating its players’ achievements, it’s capped off by a personal letter from Team Liquid founder and CEO Victor ‘Nazgul’ Goossens, who criticised Blizzard for its handling of the announcement and shutdown of HGC, as well as the company’s lack of support for HGC generally.

“I am honestly really disappointed with the lack of commercial development around HGC,” Goossens wrote. “We believe it had potential to attract sponsors, do media deals, and create unique digital items, but none of this came to fruition.”

Goossens says the failure to monetize HGC helps explain why Blizzard abruptly decided to axe the tournament series, but that handling it like just another marketing expense is irresponsible, and unfair to the many people whose livelihoods depend on the series.

“This isn’t the same as buying a Super Bowl commercial spot,” he said. “This is a full ecosystem with hundreds of young adults relying on its existence. To just pull the plug on it overnight is entirely irresponsible.”

Goossens says Team Liquid has kept its Heroes of the Storm players under contract throughout the holidays, and is giving them an additional month of contract pay as they work out their next career steps. The organization is supporting several players as streamers and is increasing players’ share of Twitch revenues.

“While we are happy that we can be a home for some of our players for a while longer, it should be said that unfortunately the path of being an upcoming streamer is in no way the financial equivalent of being a pro player,” he said. “We’ll always try to help out where it makes sense.”

Link: pcgamesn

New York Excelsior announce T-Mobile as new sponsor

The Overwatch League's New York Excelsior announced this morning that they have signed T-Mobile as the presenting sponsor for this season's play, with plans for local fan events, custom content and merchandise.

"Our partnership with T-Mobile goes beyond what many may view as a typical sponsorship in esports," said Kai Mathey, NYXL's new head of partnerships. "We're excited to work alongside T-Mobile to implement creative and integrated strategies through NYXL matches, community events, content series and more that will continue our mission to grow esports in New York City and around the world."

It's the latest move for a team, and a brand, that's put a high emphasis on engaging with fans in New York even when the team competes in Blizzard Entertainment's studios in Burbank, Calif. NYXL, as it's often called, has a reputation for high-end street-inspired merchandise, and had the opportunity to show off that persona during the Grand Finals at the Barclays Center in town last year. It's something that makes the team's owners especially excited to have local competition at the end of Season Two, which begins on Valentine's Day.

NBA 2K League receives sponsorship from AT&T

AT&T became the next official wireless sponsor of the National Basketball League on Tuesday, a title it snagged from longtime rival Verizon.

At the same time, Verizon isn't completely going away, as it will continue sponsoring the NBA, only not as the official wireless provider.

The news is significant as it comes at a time when the mudslinging between carriers for 5G dominance has escalated.

AT&T's multi-year sponsorship with the league tips off next week at the 2019 NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte, where the carrier will also be featured as a title partner during the Slam Dunk contest. The deal also allows AT&T, which recently acquired Time Warner, to promote its brands across all facets of the league, including the Women's National Basketball League, NBA G League, NBA 2K League and USA Basketball.

An AT&T spokesman says the company intends to work with the NBA to advertise across all of its marketing channels., as well as market products such as 5G when it becomes available.

Financial details haven’t been released, but AT&T will host activations across all of NBA’s properties – including the esports league. 21 teams will compete in the event from

Gfinity to host CWL London in May

Esports tournament organiser Gfinity will be behind the newly-announced Call of Duty World League event.

Taking place in the Copper Box Arena in the English capital, the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 event will be held across May 3rd-5th. 16 professional teams and 128 open teams will be in attendance.Full article here.

Natus Vincere enters content partnership with Caffeine

Ukrainian esports organisation Natus Vincere has entered a content partnership with streaming platform Caffeine.

The deal will see players in the organisation livestream their gameplay, behind-the-scenes action, and other exclusive activities. This is significant as most teams, leagues, and organisations opt to stream exclusively on Twitch.

Link: esportsinsider

Apex Legends: Gained 10 million players in three days
Before this week, barely anyone had heard of Apex Legends. It was a project kept so tightly under wraps that when it suddenly launched Monday, it took video gamers completely by surprise — a difficult thing to do in an industry known for its flashy hype and zealous marketing efforts.

But Apex Legends’s stealth approach appears to be working: The game that’s trying to beat Fortnite at its own formula has grown even faster in its opening days than Fortnite itself. In its first three days, Apex Legends racked up 10 million new players, according to its developer; it took two weeks for Fortnite’s player-vs-player game to hit the same mark.

Like Fortnite, Apex Legends is a free-to-play competitive shooter that forces players closer and closer together over the course of a match. It also features vibrantly animated characters that are each unique and have special abilities. But Apex Legends also adds a twist on the battle royal game mode, allowing characters to redeploy if they’re killed, so that players who are killed can stay engaged the whole time. Together with slick movement mechanics and intuitive teamplay, Apex Legends is proving to be an instant hit.

“We knew it would be risky to take the franchise in this direction, to go free to play, and do a surprise launch. But we fell in love with Apex Legends and wanted, needed, other people to play it too,” wrote Vince Zampella, chief executive of developer Respawn Entertainment, in a blog post announcing the 10 million-player milestone.

Part of Apex’s success lies in the fact that almost all of its marketing has been generated by ecstatic players themselves. As part of the launch, the company did establish a live stream of the game on day one. The stream ended up being the most watched on Twitch, according to the Esports Observer. But word-of-mouth has been equally important, with players introducing the game to one another over messaging apps such as Discord.

Respawn has also leaned on game streamers by announcing a $200,000 competitive tournament, which starts Feb. 12 in Europe, followed by a North American match on Feb. 19.

Another aspect of the game’s appeal stems from Respawn’s track record. In 2014, the studio released Titanfall, a fast-paced sci-fi shooter that allows players to go from leaping across rooftops one moment to piloting massive armed robots that drop from the sky in the next. A highly acclaimed sequel followed in 2016. Both were published by Electronic Arts.

Apex Legends takes place in the same fictional universe as Titanfall and features some of the same iconic weaponry and responsive controls.

The game has not been without its share of hiccups; for some time Thursday night, players found they were unable to group up with one another because of an issue with EA’s online platform.

Still, that hasn’t deterred millions from signing up, bolstering Respawn Entertainment’s effort to challenge the genre’s reigning king, Fortnite. The more established game has a much larger registered user base of around 200 million, and roughly 80 million play Fortnite each month. The game has also emerged as a place for gamers to simply hang out with one another, whereas Apex Legends has yet to establish itself as the same kind of nouveau social network.

But at the rate it’s growing, it may not be long before Apex poses a more credible threat.

Link: washington post

Death Stranding gameplay stuns Metal Gear Solid movie director

Norman Reedus has already offered his thoughts on Hideo Kojima's upcoming PS4 epic Death Stranding, of which he is the central star, but The Walking Dead season 9 actor isn't the only one building up the hype for the auteur's first game since Metal Gear Solid 5.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, outspoken director of Kong: Skull Island and The Kings of Summer, is a notable video game fan, and currently attached to the Metal Gear Solid movie project (with the explicit blessing of Hideo Kojima) that's been gestating at Columbia Pictures in one form or another for decades.

Kojima recently gave Vogt-Roberts a taster of Death Stranding with another behind-closed-doors preview that he so often likes to award to industry friends and celebrities, but the director's Twitter reactions to the game are pretty phenomenal to say the least. Check out his comments in full below:

The idea of ingesting the narcotic equivalent of Hideo Kojima and famed Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa is certainly one way to describe the act of playing a video game, and fits the bill for what we've seen so far from Death Stranding, one of the strangest experiences this side of the console generation.

Kojima has also showed off his new baby to both Guerrilla Games and Remedy Entertainment in recent months, which suggests Death Stranding is now in a playable state, though we still have no release date attached to the title as of yet. Still Vogt-Roberts' latest comments are high praise indeed, and only amplify our expectations for what could be a literal game changer.

Link: gamesradar

The Outer Worlds Will Take Between “15 to 40 Hours to Complete” – Obsidian

Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming FPS/RPG The Outer Worlds will be a big game but it won’t take dozens of hours to complete. Speaking to Game Informer in an interview for its March issue, co-director Leonard Boyarsku confirmed that the game’s size was akin to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 or “maybe a little bit smaller”. Overall, 15 to 40 hours for completion seems about right as per Boyarsky and co-director Tim Cain.

Cain reaffirmed that The Outer Worlds would not be a vast open world that players could explore for tons of hours. “People are speculating, like, hundreds of hours of gameplay…and no.” Instead, the completion time is more based on how one plays. Stealth players will take longer than those who dive directly into combat, as per Cain.

Since there’s a greater focus on the game being “reactive and replayable” as per Boyarsky, it will be shorter overall. “We’ve decided to put our effort into the reactivity and replayability—because of our size and budget, those necessitate a smaller, more tightly-controlled game than a giant sandbox open world where you can run everywhere.”

Obsidian is adamant that The Outer Worlds is a game that fans of the company will love. From what we know about the game so far, one’s choices will determine how the world reacts, the progression of the story, the different companions you’ll take on and much more. The Outer Worlds will be releasing later this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will retail for $60 and receive a physical release on Xbox One and PS4 (but not PC).

Link: gamingbolt

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Thank you for reading and have a nice week!
The Fever Weekly Team
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