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May 5, 2016
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Issue 336

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Hello, Feverians!!

Unlike SunKenRock, who has done 52 editorials for the Fever Weekly, I am no pro. Kudos to him, and a thanks for his hard work!

I do want to give a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the April Activity Pandemic - it is because of all our members who are active in discord, gaming, hosting and attending game nights, and generally having a good time that we are allowed to exist and thrive as a community.

With that said, I hope everyone takes time to give a shout out to their mother (or a mother-figure) this Sunday, as it will be Mother's Day! Me, personally? I will probably be spending it #foreveralone, just my daughter and I! I'm sure we'll think of some fun stuff to do! To all the moms out there in Fever, have a great Mother's Day!

Until Next Time,


Just a few quick announcements , and reminders for those who may have missed the threads in their own right.

Diablo 3

Linessah,the Company Commander has stepped down recently after a long tenure of running Fever's D3 department. After a good run it will be left in the hands of other great members to carry on the consistent activity and level of fun. Most of it has been summed up nicely in a message Linessah has left.
Thank You

Dont worry she isnt going anywhere though!

Now for the Winners of the....

On May 1st everything was announced and boy howdy was there a spread of winners from those who participated. I could list everything but they did that already. HERE!

Note: If there are any changes or events not listed, please contact any of the Fever Weekly staff.


Game Nights:

To convert the times to your timezone, use the following tool: Time Zone Converter. Please check the Discord Events channel for reminders about events.

- Diablo 3 = 8pm to 10pm (EST) | Host : Aussietye-Event will vary from week to week

- World of Warcraft (Horde Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper, Ataerus

- CS:GO = 7:30pm - 9:00pm (EST) | Host : Monkeyworm
- World of Warcraft (Alliance Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Cardinalsin

- Overwatch = 10pm to 1am (EST) | Host : MemeQueen
- Heroes of the Storm = 6pm (PST) | Host : KingCatNip
- World of Warcraft ( Horde Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper, Ataerus

- Dota 2 = 3pm to 5pm (EST) | Host : Thundernut
- Diablo 3 = 8pm (EST) | Host : VioletShadow-Event will vary from week to week
- Path of Exile = 8pm (CST) | Host : arjunaji
- Cards Against Humanity = 9pm (EST) | Host : DivineKitty
- World of Warcraft (Alliance Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Cardinalsin

- CS:GO(Competitive) = 6:30pm to 8:30pm (EST) | Host : Zerox
Overwatch = 8pm (EST) | Host : Aussietye
- Path of Exile = 9pm (EST) | Host : Menicejw86
- Starcraft = 9pm (EST) | Host : Proteggiore
- World of Warcraft (Horde Alt Night) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper


All game nights are held in Discord, so please join Discord to get in on the fun!


Hosts to contact
@VioletShadow || Diablo 3 - Friday

@Aussietye || Diablo 3 Game Night - Monday || Overwatch Game Night - Saturday

@Ghist || Diablo 3 Game Night - Saturday or Sunday

@Monkeyworm || CS:GO - Wedensday

@Zerox || CS:GO - Saturday

@KingCatNip || Heroes of the Storm - Thursday

@arjunaji || Path of Exile - Friday

@Menicejw86 || Path of Exile - Saturday

@Aisper, and @Ataerus || World of Warcraft - Tuesday/Thrusday/Alt Night Saturday

@Cardinalsin || World of Warcraft - Wednesday/Friday

@MemeQueen || Overwatch Game Night - Monday and Thursday

@Proteggiore || Starcraft 2 Game Night - Saturday


Welcome to the Tournament Of Champions, here you get the opportunity to play Heroes Of The Storm with other Fever members in attempt to choose the top Five HOTS Fever players for admission in ranked tournaments.

Each week we will have a game night with designated times/dates so everyone gets the opportunity to jump online and play with the rest of the clan, NEW PLAYERS WELCOME

For details about the game night or HOTS and how the tournaments will work feel free to personal message me anytime on discord, join the HOTS room.

Mondays ― 6pm Central Level up lowest level hero day

Thursdays ― 6pm Central UnRanked Draft Composition Practice

Saturdays ― 6pm Central Tournament Of Champions

Starcraft 2

The sign ups for FSL May 2018 are now open!

If you'd like to participate, please post your battle tag below.
As with the the last couple months' sign ups; please post your league as well (Of the race you intend to play). If there are enough sign ups, I will split the BSG and GPD players into their own tournaments!


In-Game Sections:​
In addition to recruiting, games need staffing to help them run efficiently so all members can have a great time. These tasks can be Recruiter , Game night Hosts, Coach , Content Creator.If you are interested please contact:
Head - @Thundernut
Deputies - @Kimenu
Assistants - @Daddy

Company Commanders

League of Legends - Vacant(person to contact @Sixxed17)
Dota - Vacant
CS-GO - @WolfishGG with deputy @Zerox
Diablo 3 - @Gizmo256
Starcraft 2 - @Shiva
Overwatch - @Aussietye , @Divinekitty
World of Warcraft - @Aisper
Path of Exile - @Axle
HOTS - Vacant(Person to contact XO @KingCatNip)
PUBG - Vacant
SMITE - Vacant
Misc - Contact @BruC0Ndr


Gwent - @BruC0Ndr
BDO - @Ian
SMITE - @Loyalbdog
Battlefield - @1Jake1
Fortnite - Vacant
Paladins - Vacant
Warframe - Vacant
PUBG - Vacant
Elder Scrolls Online - @Dark_Praetor
They are also looking for people who'd like to officially form a gaming section. For further info on the state of gaming , check out this post: State of Gaming.

Out of Game Section:​
Supporting a game directly is not the only way you can help Fever. We have jobs available in several areas: Public Relations, Master of the Forums, Graphics Team, and the Front Page.
Public Relations:
Are you an out-going person who would like to represent our clan and get in contact with others?
If you answered 'yes', then consider contacting...
@Kimenu, @BruC0Ndr, @Chaves and Coordinator -Nameless who is looking for new public relation members to join the team. You can also contact them if you are interested in becoming a Streamer or Host.
For social media, feel free to contact anyone from the team. In order to help represent or promote Fever.

"We're looking for more YouTube content creators, and people experienced with YouTube editing/ video editing contact BruC0Ndr if you're interested"
Master of the Forums:
The Master of the Forums Team is currently looking for any and all officers to assist in the upkeep and monitoring of the Fever Clan forums. Our day to day tasks is making sure all stickies are being updated with current information, monitoring the forums for spam/junk/clutter, as well as ensuring all rules and standards are being kept by all members and guests. For more information contact:
If you are interested in creating content for a forum section, including games, please contact either of them.
Graphics Team:
The Graphics Department is searching for members who like to exercise their artistic and graphic design skills. Their goal is to support all departments of Fever through the creation of any necessary graphics - from award ribbon/medals, tournament banners, game banners, and youtube graphics. If this sounds like something you would like to contribute to, please contact @Linessahhttp://feverclan.com/forums/members/linessah.html or @Slyhttp://feverclan.com/forums/members/sly.html
Front Page:
The Fever Clan home page needs help from members who possess the ability to comb the forums for front-page-worthy threads. Candidates must possess the ability to write in clear, concise sentences with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Graphics will be provided for your posts. We use WordPress, so knowledge in WordPress is a plus. However, it is fine if you don't but you must be willing to learn! If you are interested please contact @Linessahhttp://feverclan.com/forums/members/linessah.html



Mr.Tango / StoneGolem210 / NasteTV / Zatch / Disastrous

jomojg / loucetios / Honeybadger2 / loucetios / Lowkey Savage

Craftee / Heimdallrz / Pãin / Deathsidious / ItsStryk

Victorash / Zeleah


Last week's winner was ZigZag - please congratulate her!

This week's nominees are:




Please vote for them here -> PoW-5-7-2018


Hello Fever! Shiny here welcoming you all to another edition of Member Spotlight. This week we have VioletShadow! Before diving in, I asked Linessah and Gizmo's opinion of her and this is what they had to say:

Linessah said:
Violet is one of the sweetest people I've met in Fever - but don't let that fool you! She's fierce in the realm of Diablo. When in Discord with her, expect a laid back and fun conversation. She's a compassionate person and has begun taking some great initiative in the D3 section. I'm glad she's decided to call Fever her home and look forward to seeing her around.
Gizmo256 said:
I had the privilege of interviewing VioletShadow and welcoming her into Fever, I knew she was going to be a welcome addition. She’s a very kind person who will go out of her way to help others. She made an impact within the Diablo 3 section almost immediately; there’s few people within the section who don’t know her. I’m so glad that she’s joined the officer ranks, her friendly attitude and giving spirit set her apart. I look forward to working with her in making Fever a place that gamers will want to be a part of.

Now let's get to know Violet better:

Shiny: How did you find out about Fever?
VioletShadow: I was researching Diablo 3 clans and looking for one that would be a good fit. I think I found Fever through a recruiting post by Baum on the Blizzard forums.

Shiny: You've been recently promoted to officer, how did that come to be?
VioletShadow: A clan leader reached out to me on the forums and offered the position. I thought about it carefully, in terms of time and commitment required, and ultimately decided to accept. I believe I was approached due to my positive contribution to the clan such as hosting game nights and staying active, as well as earning the trust of many members and officers.

Shiny: Do you have any clan jobs?
VioletShadow: Currently, I’m a Diablo 3 Game Representative and Diablo 3 Game Night Host. As a game representative I stay active and up-to-date on everything Diablo 3, answer questions from members or direct them to more knowledgeable members or officers, and help integrate new members to the Diablo 3 community. As a game night host my main responsibility is to be there as scheduled and have fun with everyone.

Shiny: As a game night host for Diablo 3, tell us a bit about them. What can people do in your game nights?
VioletShadow: My game nights are all about what the group needs or prefers to do that day. Activities range from bounties, key farming, speed greater rifts to helping new members gear up and get started. As more people join, we usually split into teams and sometimes have different teams doing different activities simultaneously, or people moving between teams as the game night progresses.

Shiny: Is everyone able to join in on the fun regardless of class, skill and equipment?
VioletShadow: Definitely! We are always happy to help new members level and gear up, or split into different teams to accommodate people with varied levels of skills and gear.

Shiny: When are they hosted?
VioletShadow: Fridays 8PM EST, although sometimes we start earlier at 7PM EST so those who wish can join the Cards Against Humanity game night afterwards, which starts at 9PM EST. I’ll announce on discord and in-game channels whenever we have any changes to the schedule.

Shiny: What's something you think Fever does really well? What's something you think it needs to improve?
VioletShadow: Fever makes being part of the community feel like a family. Members and officers are welcoming to new members, and there is generally a friendly and relaxed atmosphere whenever you join a discord channel. One area where Fever could improve is by integrating new games and keeping them active, although this is probably a challenge to any clan.

Shiny: Let's talk gaming. Whats your main game? Where can Fever members find you?
VioletShadow: My main clan game is Diablo 3 and I’m active on Discord. Any member is welcome to PM me with any questions, or if they just want to get to know me.

Shiny: What's the origin of your gaming name?
VioletShadow: I don’t remember! Haha no cool story here guys, sorry.

Shiny: Who or what got you into gaming?
VioletShadow: The turn-based RPGs from the 90s! The original Fallout and Baldurs Gate series, Divine Divinity, Icewind Dale, and Planescape Torment.

Shiny: What other kind of games are you playing nowadays? What roles/class/character/etc do you prefer to play in them?
VioletShadow: I’m replaying Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition on multiplayer with another Fever member. I usually prefer to play ranged damage dealing or support roles. Hate getting crowded by mobs hehe. I need mah space!

Shiny: Is there a game that you've either played/beaten many times or that you will never get tired of playing no matter what?
VioletShadow: Hmmm I’d have to say Dragon Age: Origins. I beat it with every origin class, and to this day I don’t think that any game has done real time with pause RPG better than that. Planescape: Torment and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines are close second and third.

Shiny: What's your all-time favorite game? Why?
VioletShadow: Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Lots of personality and charm, excellent urban horror atmosphere and possibly the best side quest design of any game I’ve played. Also, no politically correct and agenda-pushing BS.

Shiny: Aside from gaming, what do you do in your free time?
VioletShadow: I like to read, mainly science fiction and medical literature. Also like to listen to music and watch YouTube videos.

Shiny: Where were you born? Where do you live now?
VioletShadow: I was born in Havana, Cuba and moved to the US when I was 14. I live in Miami, Florida now.

Shiny: What's your favorite thing about where you live? What's your least favorite?
VioletShadow: My favorite is the food and culture, as well as the weather during beach season. My least favorite are the deranged drivers and the shitty roads getting repaired all year long.

Shiny: I think the best way to end this interview is telling the readers how they can reach you if they want to group up and play some games with you.
VioletShadow: I’m active on Discord and Steam, steam ID is pmume. Everyone welcome to add me ������

Shiny: Thank you for your time!
VioletShadow: My pleasure. Thank you!​


Misc Rpg: September 2018, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem:Beta!

World of Warcraft: Help Wanted

Starcraft: BaseTrade TV Amateur Tournaments

Paladins: The Perfect Maeve Build "IMO"

Elder Scrolls Online: Update 18




South Korea tops the 2018 Overwatch World Cup preliminaries

The preliminary round of the 2018 Overwatch World Cup are over and the Group Stage is set, with the top 24 countries set to do battle for a shot at the title at BlizzCon.

The Group Stage breaks down into four groups of six, each competing under the auspices of a host nation:

South Korea:

Chinese Taipei
South Korea
Hong Kong

United States:




China was the top-ranking non-host nation in the preliminaries, with an average Skill Rating of 4485, one point behind top-ranked South Korea. The US was also very near the top of the heap at 4446, as was France at 4293, while Thailand was quite a distance back at 3959, an SR that would excluded it from the group stage if it was not a host nation. Canada, which I single out for mention because I live there, came on fourth place (excluding host nations) with an average SR of 4269.

The actual group stage action won't begin until August: First comes the Competition Committee creation process, which will see a general manager, coach, and community lead chosen to head up each nation's team. Applications for the coach and community lead roles are open to anyone (there's a link to apply on the Overwatch World Cup site), and players from qualified countries can vote for as many candidates as they want for each role. The GM selection process is a little more complicated: Applications must be emailed directly to Blizzard, which will select each nation's GM directly.​

Link: pcgamer


Hearthstone will be giving out golden cards as part of the festival of Noblegarden

The great feast of Noblegarden, an annual tradition in the World of Warcraft realm of Azeroth, is coming to Hearthstone next week. Beginning May 9 and running through May 13, the Tavern will offer special festive emotes, a free Golden Eggnapper and Golden Devilsaur Egg, and a new Tavern Brawl called "Everybunny Get In Here."

In the Brawl an egg will spawn at the start of each turn, which you can paint using "a deck of colorful dyes and special Noblegarden cards," along with ten random Class cards. Different dyes apply different buffs, and each egg will hatch into a cute little minion at the start of the following turn, or a bunny if you opt not to dye it.​

Link: pcgamer

Overwatch's Brigitte is already getting nerfed

The latest Overwatch update unleashed the new hero Brigitte into the game's competitive mode. Just a few days later, Blizzard has already announced nerfs.

This is probably a good thing, if the competitive Overwatch forums and subreddits are any indication. Most of the threads complain about how Brigitte has a stun and a knockback, both on short cooldowns. Her kit was largely designed to help her deal with quick flankers like Tracer and Genji, but it's also a nightmare for tanks like Reinhardt.

Thankfully, Blizzard has taken notice. Just a few days into her availability in Overwatch's competitive mode, a handful of nerfs hit Brigitte on the Overwatch PTR.

Brigitte's ultimate Rally now only provides a maximum armor of 100, down from 150. Additionally, the cooldown of Bash (her stun) is increasing from five to six seconds.

Brigitte isn't the only support hero to be tweaked on this PTR. The sniper-healer Ana has also received a tweak: shots from her Biotic Rifle no longer impact allies with full health. In other words, she can shoot through full-health allies, healing allies (or dealing damage to enemies) further in front. Her magazine size will also be increasing from 10 to 14.

As always, these PTR updates are still subject to change before they hit the live servers, but hopefully they'll lighten the mood of your local main tank.​

Link: pcgamer

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gets Staff Combat and Ship Maneuvers

Fans got a first glimpse at Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay last night in a developer livestream filled with information about the work-in-progress game.

The footage shows multiplayer spaceship combat, on-foot melee fighting and sweary monkey shipmate Knox in action.

It was the highlight of a half hour Twitch stream which featured creator Michel Ancel and others discussing the game and its development.

Here's the footage​


Link for breakdown: eurogamer

Phil Spencer Teases JRPGs on Xbox E3 Stage

During one of his usual Twitter sprees, Microsoft Xbox Division head Phil Spencer talked a bit about E3 and his plans for Japanese games.

Interestingly, we hear a few hints about Japanese games. Spencer confirmed that as of the current plan (which can still change), we’ll see JRPGs on stage at Xbox’s press conference at E3. Last year, he wanted to make sure Microsoft supported Japanese publishers by showing their games on stage, and this year they’re working to do the same, since it’s important for them.

Asked about the possibility of bringing Yakuza games to the Xbox One, and if he has ever thought about that, Spencer answered:

“Yep, Sega has a lot of good franchises that would be cool to see come over.”

Interestingly, he was also asked if he sees Xbox working with a Japanese developer ever again on an exclusive game, and he responded simply “yes.”

He also mentioned that the support from the Japanese publishers for the Xbox One has been a focus for the company, and it’s great to see Xbox gamers buying and playing their games.

Speaking about the post-E3 period, Spencer teased that Microsoft is working on a plan that is a bit different from previous years. He thinks that people will like it, assuming it actually lands.​

Link: dualshockers


















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Thank you for reading and have a nice week!
- The Fever Weekly Team

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Congrats to [MENTION=85239]VioletShadow[/MENTION] for the interview!


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Very Busy!.. . love the gordan ramsey bit. But i can't watch too much i'll be stuck for hours. Excellent weekly


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good issue and have a great mothers day :D

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