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Issue 290

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I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday and to those fathers a happy day. This was the first year that couldnt say it to my own father. Yet he was a great dad , and im thankful that those kind of dads are around. Mothers as well whose day of celebration was in may.

Whatever life throws at you , i hope everyone has had a person that is or was a great parental influence for you.Thank you.

- SunKenRock


Made just a few days ago was a brand new League of Legends Tournament. By clicking the game will lead you to the thread for sign ups.It is being run by those who work in the department so if you have the time do check it out.

Also this coming Wednesday is the next LoL Academy. I usually host it from 8pm to 9:15pm.


Events and Game Nights!

Game Nights:

CS:GO Game Nights will be hosted every Saturday at 6PM EST.
If you want to join, please be in the CS:GO channels on Discord at the time.

Saturday there will be a league of legends game night hosted by @Winterrose.With basic times going from 8pm EST to 9pm EST (perhaps a little longer if all goes well).Game mode will be decided upon starting. It will be held in discord.

Every other Wednesday there will be a LoL Academy. Usually hosted by @Winterrose it from 8pm to 9:15pm.

@Juugo is hosting a Heroes of the Storm EU Game Night every first Saturday of a month, starting around 3PM UTC.
If you are interested, you can read up here and be in Discord at the right time.

@Baum is hosting a Heroes of the Storm US Game Night every Monday at 9PM EST/6PM PST to 11PM EST/8PM PST.
If you would like to join in, let him know and be in Discord at the time. Also check out the post for it here!

@Baum is hosting a Heroes of the Storm US Game Night every Thursday at 9PM EST/6PM PST to 11PM EST/8PM PST.
If you would like to participate, then read the details here and be in the HotS-channels on Discord at the time.

@Bridgettis hosting Overwatch Game Nights every Monday at 9:00PM EST.If you want to participate, let Bridgett or Clavat know and be on Discord at the time.

@Aussietye is hosting Overwatch Game Nights every Thursday at 08:00PM EST. If you want to participate, let Aussietye or Clavat know and be on Discord at the time.

Also @Aussietye is hosting D3 events every Tuesday at 8 pm EST. If you want to participate, let Aussietye know and be on Discord at the time.

@Florilucem is hosting StarCraft II Game Nights every Thursday, starting at 6PM PST.
If you're interested, please click here for more information!

Special Occasions & Tournaments:
The first Saturday of the month @Sithis will be hosting member meetings at 4pm EST on Discord.

Note: If there is any changes ,or events not listed do contact any of the fever weekly staff


Fever Jobs!
If you're interested in any of those, you can contact the responsible people through PM on the forum or try and catch them on Discord!

You want to help out our Recruiting Teams and bring new people in? Looking to help gather more people into the clan for various games. It can add to the already busy sections,or create groups to give new or old games life.

The Recruitment Section is currently looking for officers to fill in the coordinator spots for the following. Moba,RTS,Survival,and LFG.Contact @Efgodlike,@TheRev,@Niine for any further information or desire to join.

Then contact for following for each type of game.

@Hoyy to join the FPS.
Examples:Overwatch, Counterstrike and Battlefield.

Now there recruiting isnt something this always subjected to threads and being assigned to areas around the internet.

That means, you'd be part of the Recruiting Team, but wouldn't have to bump any threads with recruiting messages. Instead, you would recruit for us in the game itself (for example if you play with a random person who seems nice and fun to be around with, then invite them to play more and also to our clan). Overall, just reach out to people to grow our little community!

Game Sections:
Sometimes our gaming sections need some fresh blood and help to either start up or keep going! Such as in game recruiting . Focusing on having fun and letting anyone know what community you are apart of.Though there are always more chances to help if recruitment isnt your thing.
So, if that sounds interesting to you, contact...

@Shiva,@Sithis, or Doiri:Seeking various hands to be apart in helping out. The types of jobs can range for Officer(2LT)and mostly to help with various aspects of the section. Also he is looking for help with planning tournaments.Any active enlisted members within game that can give feedback and keep attention high.

Note to Xo/CC : Contant me or Kimenu for any information you need here.

@Clavat:If you would like to help our Overwatch community, there is a thread Here for officers and enlisted members with the Department Jobs Openings

@Niine:If this is your game ,contact for all your CS:GO needs and thoughts towards the section.If you see something missing or have an idea do seek this member out.

@Synizta:Among the battle net games, you have this lovely RTS .Having built its own group that supports it ,along with game nights. Who is to say that it cant be expanded ,and maybe have more ideas to bring even greater activity.Another good officer among others is leading this section and always looking for additional helping hands.

@DaveQ:Who is driving the Diablo 3 community through the various seasons that have seen massive amounts of activity,along with numerous members joining towards building this section.

@Lawrence of Arabia:Wanting to not let the other mobas take all the glory? Maybe filled with ideas or wanting to work towards giving this section a push? Do not be afraid to contact or get a hold of this officer.

Content Creators:
Would you like to keep us updated about patch-notes, new upcoming content or create guides and even whole articles all by yourself?
Then contact...

@efgodlike, @Linessah, or @SunKenRock if you'd like to become a Content Creator in general, for any section you'd like! Just message one of them and talk it through with them to get started.

Right now though, they're especially looking for people interested in trying to breath life to various gaming sections across the forums.Do not let the name fool you, this type of job is fairly simple once you get the hang of it. Its about getting create for putting effort to inform the members of something about that game.

Also we have various contests to always sweeten the aspect of doing a good job in the department.


Stats Department:
@BaumIs also looking for a lovely Assistant Director for the stats team.Or any other for that matter for the the stats as a whole. For more questions about the type of jobs within the section message him. For those looking to know more about Assistant Director look here Link

Public Relations:
Are you an out-going person who would like to represent our clan on public relations and get in contact with others?
Then consider contacting...

@Kimenu who is looking for new members for the Facebook Team!
You would have to post regularly on our facebook and follow the team's instructions to represent and promote Fever.

@-NamelessWho heads the reddit tell and all its glory , though it needs to fill the team up a bit . No matter what you can do ,any help would be appreciated.

@AtomicHazardFor all the twitter needs,and also looking for members to add to the staff as well to help out. Great to work with and for ,so if you use twitter this might be the type of job for you !

@Doiri for becoming a Streamer or Host for the Fever Streaming Team.
Catch some attention from people with your stream and make them interested in our community!

@Rimeraz if you would like to become part of the Fever YouTube Team.
The YouTube Team is still trying to build up and get their hands on active people who would like to upload videos of their gameplay (that may be only you playing, or also sharing some fun times that you spent in a game with your friends - for example from a gamenight). Getting about two videos per month from each team member would be ideal of course, to have new content on our channel every week!
If you would be interested in joining the team, then please also keep in mind that you will have to follow both Youtube's and Fever's rules and guidelines regarding the content you upload.

Event & Game Night Hosts:
If organizing a game night and keeping people entertained is a thing you'd like to do, then contact...

@KittyMae, if you'd be interested in becoming an Event Night Host!
That basically entails hosting any sort of gathering that doesn't involve any of our main games. For example already hosting Cards Against Humanity and generally things along those lines.

@Niine, who is looking for people to help her with hosting regular CS:GO Game Nights.
If you’re interested in becoming a game night host for that game or got any further questions, please let her know!

@Baum is looking for people willing to be a Game Night Coordinator (2LT+) or Game Night Hosts for Heroes of the Storm.
As Coordinator you would have to take care of all the Game Night Hosts under you, and see to it that everybody does their jobs and logs the Game Nights properly.
If you would like to be a Game Night Host instead, you may host these at any time you like! Just make sure that they run smoothly and everyone behaves well. Also take note of who is attending the events, so you can report back to your Coordinator. You can of course try to think of certain themes for your Game Nights to make them more interesting - for example using heroes of a certain game only, or 'roleplaying' the characters you play as, etc.
It's all up to you to create a fun event for everyone!



Banana bread



Last week's winner was Aussietye - please congratulate him!

This week's nominees are:




Please vote for them here -> PoW-06-19-2017


A new quest has been bestowed upon me! It is time to test my mettle with the Trials of King Hercules!

By fire be purged insects! It is time to submit or be burned to cinder by Etrigahn, the Tiny Firelord!

[MENTION=47384]Rimeraz[/MENTION] [MENTION=77356]Etrigahn[/MENTION]


Making of Cars 3


Description: Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves. To get back in the game, he will need the help of an eager young race technician with her own plan to win, inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet, and a few unexpected turns. Proving that #95 isn’t through yet will test the heart of a champion on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage!

Duelist VFX


Description: Main Road Post – VFX breakdown for the beautiful movie “Duelist” that they finished nine months ago.

Gotham Season 3 Vfx


Description: Highlights and breakdowns of CoSA VFX’s work on season 3 of GOTHAM.


This week we have some user by the name of Winterrose who looks like this

or maybe it was this.

Anyway hopefully the photo of awesoness didnt distract you from our lovely interview with your hots Emmy!

Emmy: How did you come up with “Winterrose”?
Winterrose: Easily put, I was born in the Winter (December) and my favourite flowers are roses. I just love the smell of them and they are so beautiful.

Emmy: Favorite band, song, or musical artist?
Winterrose: Epica. They're a Dutch symphonic metal band from the Netherlands and I'll be going to see them in early September so I'm super excited. ^^

Emmy: What is your most important goal in life?
Winterrose: To be happy. To succeed.

Emmy: What are your hobbies?
Winterrose: I love to read fantasy or science fiction novels. I also sing sometimes but you'll never hear me singing on Discord ever. :p I like to swim, travel to other countries, and last but not least... Video-games. I've been playing games since I was 8 years old.

Emmy: If I gave you a free return flight to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
Winterrose: Either Frankfurt Germany or Amsterdam the Netherlands.

Emmy: What is your fondest memory?
Winterrose: Fondest memory.... when my only child was born. ^^ She'll be 2 in November.
I'm sure I have other fond memories but they're personal to me. <3

Emmy: What powers would you have if you were a superhero/villain? Tell me why.
Winterrose: I would be able to fly and become invisible. I think if I could fly, it would get rid of the need for a car haha. I could even fly over to Europe or even Florida. Invisible... I'm not a fully social person so becoming invisible while flying would be so worth it.

Emmy: Favorite show right now?
Winterrose: Gilmore Girls. I'll always keep coming back to that show haha.
I also love NCIS, Supergirl, Flash and Doctor Who!

Emmy: Favorite outdoor activity?
Winterrose: I enjoy swimming. ^^

Emmy: What was your first game?
Winterrose: Nancy Drew detective adventure games

Emmy: What is your main game and what do you enjoy about it?
Winterrose: League of Legends. :p I've been playing LoL since 2010 about. I watched someone else play it and eventually got into it myself. Sona is my favorite part about the game.

Emmy: Would you consider yourself a competitive gamer or are you in it more or less for the fun?
Winterrose: I used to be competitive but now I'm in it for the fun. :p Life is too short to be so serious.

Emmy: Is there any game in particular you wish you had?
Winterrose: Overwatch. Tracer is my favourite person in it, I was introduced to her in Heroes of the Storm.

Emmy: What brought you to Fever and how did you find us?
Winterrose: Someone I had been in a serious relationship with joined Fever first and I decided to also join. I was in 3 other clans before and this is the first clan I've felt at home at.

Emmy: Are you enjoying the clan so far?
Winterrose: Obviously. :p I've been apart of Fever for 4 and a half years.

Emmy: What do you do for Fever as an officer and how do you wish to leave your mark on the clan?
Winterrose: I'm part of the League of Legends section and I'm the game night coordinator for it. How do I wish to leave my mark? To have LoL become a much bigger section of Fever itself. Since becoming an officer, the LoL section has become more active again and I feel really happy about that.

Emmy: Do you have anything else to say for the members of Fever?
Winterrose: Nope :3​




Legal threat shuts down GTA game toolkit

Players of Grand Theft Auto are up in arms after legal threats forced the closure of a popular toolkit used to make add-ons or "mods" for the game.
GTA creator Take-Two issued a "cease and desist" letter to Open IV toolkit's creators, saying it aided piracy.
Open IV's Russian developers said they did not have time or energy to go to court so have stopped distributing it.
Gamers have filled GTA forums with criticism of Take-Two for shutting down the long-running mod toolkit.
One player said he hoped the legal claim was a joke, another said it was a "sad day" for GTA fans and a third said Take-Two had removed a "massive selling point" for the PC version of GTA.
Legal limbo
"Almost ten years of my life were dedicated to @OpenIV and now this time is over," tweeted Open IV lead developer Good-NTS after deciding to shut down the project.
In a message posted to the GTA Forums website, Good-NTS said the team had received a "cease and desist" letter on 5 June alleging that it allowed "third parties to defeat security features of its software and modify that software in violation Take-Two's rights".
He wrote that fighting the claim in court would take months of time and effort and, even if they won, would not help the company more forward.


For heavier look at e3















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Thank you for reading and have a nice week!
- The Fever Weekly Team


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Jun 22, 2016
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Love the comic, so true. :beatdeadhorse:


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May 10, 2017
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good episode and congrats [MENTION=76175]Aussietye[/MENTION]


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Of the Army
Never realized Owen Wilson said Wow so much...


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Nailed it with the DLC/P2W/EA comic. This is why I balk at buying games these days...

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