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Hi everyone,

Have you heard? Fever clan is now BOTTING! WHAT?!:p

We have two new shiny rhythm bots available on discord, so let's make good use of them. I will start hosting a Chill and Play event from now on, generally evenings, with updated times on thread title

* Play music and chill with fellow clan mates
* Take turns on the jukebox, selecting a track of your choice
* Play games while listening to music if you want, otherwise can just listen and hang out
* Get to know other members and make friends
* This is a relaxed event so we'll figure out any "rules" as we go. For now, one song per person until everyone present has picked one then repeat
* Would love to get several people hosting periodically, so if you are interested in being a jukebox host let me know. We can all take turns hosting every week. That way we can get more representation from different gaming sections and get to know more people.
*Events will take place on Discord

Would love to hear what you think, so please post your feedback in this thread. Thank you @Ghist for the Fever Jukebox name idea :)

When: Varied days, Evenings EST
Where: The Hot Tub

See you all there!
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Oct 23, 2017
Washington State
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This is a great way for clan members to hag around regardless of game companies they belong to and a good way discover new music as well,


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Jan 26, 2018
Lincoln NE
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have used the feverbeat bot in a channel last night, was a lot of fun. Anticipating a great time on 9/2 when we game listen in channel while gaming on different games and getting to know clan mates.
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