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Jul 10, 2015
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Hello everyone! To celebrate the Game of the Month we have planned 4 game nights for February! While I do plan to keep on this train after February there are a few events this month that are a little special. I will go into my long term plans in a different post, so here are the events!

Game Nights for Temtem will always be on Thursday at 7pm CST, 8pm EST, 5pm PST (The times are a bit lenient as life stuff can happen, but generally I will try to stick to this timing)

*Events that do not give out a reward are allowed to be entered by ALL, they do not need to be a member. Events that do give a reward will require to be a member!
Feb. 6th 2020

Island 1 booster!
This event has been announced in the Events channel in discord, but I'll give a run down of what it will be. Me and a few others (if willing) will help any and all people to help them beat island 1. This is in preparation for next weeks event. I will be on all night helping people, but generally the event will last roughly 2 hours. This also does not mean you HAVE to use one of us "big guys" to help boost you, if you want play coop with someone at a similar place to you go for it! Once this event is done, previously stated I will help any stragglers, or we can go off and do other things (Luma hunting, breeding, mock battles what ever).

*This event is open to ALL willing participants, they do not have to be a member

Feb. 13th 2020

Catching Event
This will be a catching event and it is shrouded in secrecy until the actual event! So stay tuned for the details! (I am keeping most things secret for now to prevent cheating, so I'm not just being mean!) This event will have a reward!

*This event has a reward, which means only Fever members will be allow to participate

Feb. 20th 2020

Story Progression
This event is similar to that of the first event, however we can help you with whatever you need. Be it finding items, finishing up the story, or just all around shenanigans!

*This event is open to ALL willing participants, they do not have to be a member

Fever Tournament Night!

This is the "Main Event" of this month. This will be a classical tournament style event. It will have a reward. Here are the rules so you can prepare as you see fit:

  • The Temtems allowed in this event are only CATCH-ABLE Temtems on island 1. You may not use Temtems that the story gives you. This includes the starting Temtems, or the second Temtem the professor gives you.
  • For this tournament, the max level of Temtem is level 30.
  • Lumas and "perfect" breeds are allowed
  • Temtems MUST be caught of bred by you. (This is to keep things a little more fair)
  • Each match will be a best of 3.
  • You may only use 5 healing items (This includes Tonics and Foods), however everything else is fair game. (per round!)
  • REVIVES are NOT allowed
  • Squads can not be changed but the starting order can.
  • Your squad must be examined by the referee.
  • Participants must stream to the Discord channel we are in, quality does not matter we just need to see!
This event will have a Reward. Right now that is TBA as I'm trying to get said reward.

*This event has a reward and participants must be a fever member
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