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Aug 6, 2015
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Game Night is as always at:
3PM EDT (US East)
11AM PDT (US West)

First of all I like to thank [MENTION=53649]lycan_my_chances[/MENTION]l that he will allow me to host tonight's Game Night.

I've been following what is going on in our events and since I know what generally goes wrong in long term with events in Dota 2, here is what I come one with and why for this exclusive Game Night.

What I've learned from Game Night / Dota 2 In-Hause events:

While I love try-hard 5v5 CM anytime I can get the chance for it. I do know why this can turn a lot of members down and I have seen it happening in multiple Dota 2 communities as well.

Problems that give a bad experience in CM 5v5 In-Hause game:

  1. Unbalanced teams.
  2. One team have a good game plan, the other ends up with random picks.
  3. We want to play with everyone despite what skill level they are, but then complain about people's skill level.
  4. Differences in competitiveness vs enjoyment (fun) of the game. Half the players are joking, half are trying their best to remain competitive.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing how Game Nights were run so far. Oh wait I actual am :) So here is what we came up with so far:
Do competitive CM 5v5 In-Hause game. That is the intended idea. The way we do that is by:

  1. Shuffle players and hope that the Random assigned teams are balanced.
  2. Assign or not assign dedicated Captains that are or maybe are not suppose to be in control of their respective random players. Players that might not even be committed enough or even know how to follow orders.
  3. Repeat the process until enough people rage quit on the Game Night.

I said I am a competitive player, this is not a competitive plan.

The same problems existed in every Dota 2 community I was in. It is not Fever Clan's falt or our player base nor is it the skill of every individual player. Not dealing with this will results in us loosing everyone's interest in joining a Game Night.

Here are the ONLY two feedback points in the Dota 2 Feedback thread:
  1. We should do Custom Games.
  2. Better time for Game Night or more Game Nights.

Addressing them in revers order:
  1. Now for me personally the time is great unless I am working. But keep in mind there is no ultimately Best time for everyone.
  2. Having more Game Nights is possible, but currently we barely get 10 People for any of the current existing Game Nights. And they are at the best time and day possible. If you think you can host a Game Night during other times please suggest that in the Feedback thread.
  3. Custom Games, They actually may be the answer to the skill gap problem that we have in Game Nights. They are fun and can be semi competitive. Most importantly they have 10v10 options that bring me to my finishing point.

When the problems you have to deal with are well known and there are no exact know solutions you just need to start experimenting. So here is what I have in mind.

We will not do Fever vs Fever Games. Instead we will go Fever vs Pub games.

Let me explain something about competitive games. In the end 50% of the players are on the winning side and there fore they are happy, but 50% are on the looser side and there fore they are sad. There is nothing wrong with that. That is why people enjoy competitive games that much. That is why Sports exists. I think that Fever vs Fever games lock the chance half of our players to not enjoy Game night to 100%.

I will give everyone the options we can all choose from at the time of the Game Night:

  1. Competitive: Spread in 5 man parties and play competitive Dota 2 with assigned Captain and declared position for you in your team, according to your skill and what you can actually play and enjoy playing.
  2. Fun: Play a Custom game that allows everyone to be on the same team.
  3. Semi Competative/Fun: A joke/fun Dota 2 game. For example, pick only Tanky hereos, pick only push, pick only Spirits, pick only Blue heroes, and so on.

The choice is yours how you want to enjoy Dota 2 in Fever Clan and be sure there are many others that will share your interest in Dota 2.

About 5 man Fever vs Pubs:

I beg of every 5 man groups that do play as 5 man groups among them self to turn out for Gaming Night and join it. You are free to play as 5 man on your own if you already have a group and I will not force you out of your comfortable zone.
You may ask 5 man Fever vs Pubs, ha that's new :) Well no, in fact it's the most successive concept so far. The reason why I want everyone to turn up is so that we compare the results from every 5 man game after the different groups are done with it. From that we can log a winning 5 man group after the end of the Fever Game Night, based on the wins/losses of the different groups probably taken form two or three games during the Game Night. I will add team captains from each group to my steam, so I can do that on my own don't wary.

I am tagging the James out of everyone, since the suggestion from [MENTION=53250]Kimenu[/MENTION] to PM everyone before the Game Night and remind them that it exists does not appeal to me :
[MENTION=52596]jagga jatt[/MENTION]
[MENTION=34758]sleeping at[/MENTION]

[MENTION=59190]Electro Sexpai[/MENTION]

[MENTION=34546]Mr Zablinx[/MENTION]

[MENTION=27786]Thundernut[/MENTION] [MENTION=50252]pinkman[/MENTION] [MENTION=51754]Repus89[/MENTION] [MENTION=53777]Rookie[/MENTION] [MENTION=1118]aceofspikes[/MENTION] [MENTION=28215]Lord_Deimos909[/MENTION]


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Jul 14, 2012
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Unfortunately, I work at 11am. Maybe 430 pst come around and your still going i'll see you there.

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Aug 6, 2015
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Treat [MENTION=27786]Thundernut[/MENTION] as a member he aint worth shit no more <3 Thunder <3
Do not let me remind you of your Chen + Radi play Kimenu, I am still battled.

And tag me instead.

Good initiative. Let's put it in action.
Daddy I tagged everyone that might not see this on the Forums in Dota 2, why would I tag you? You're everywhere :)

Unfortunately, I work at 11am. Maybe 430 pst come around and your still going i'll see you there.

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Game Nights are as always Optional. I am also working during most of them and I apologies about it. You will be missed and I hope you can join the Game Night tomorrow or next week.
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Feb 12, 2015
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Impressive. 10/10 for your efforts.


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Apr 9, 2015
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[MENTION=53859]digitalblade[/MENTION] I see now. It took me only 15 mins to see it after being posted. Good thinking.


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Aug 6, 2015
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Fever vs Pubs

Groups and their win rates:

Group 1, Result 3-0:

Group 2, Result 2-0:
Rocket Scientist

Group 3, Result 1-1:

Fever won 6 out of 7 games, but we must have a winning group as well.

And the Winner is:

Group 1


Well we were 6 and we played 1 more game then everyone else in the same amount of time :p

Congratulations Lads! Thank you all for coming and giving your feedback to our Game Nights. If anyone have not manage to come you can give us more feedback here or even better no the Feedback thread.

Next time I or any other GN host that would like to do it, will be playing Custom game Dota IMBA 10v10 Fever vs Other 10 :)

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