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Aug 6, 2015
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Ever since I saw my first All-Star game of my favorite Esport, I was left with a salty taste.

There there were, the best of the best as you've seen in so many other Sports. All-Star games are a spectacle to behold. I remember waiting an entire ear for a single NBA game with joy. I expected a serous match in Dota 2. Full of plays and some what 10% Humor and trolling, joke builds and nasty all chat. What I have seen so far was joke games and fan treats. While I've watched all the All-Star games and found them entertaining, I've always had that big chuck of Salt.

They should be far more interesting games, showcasing the wonders of the sport.

It's almost insulting to bring the best of the best for this kinds of games. Valve have finally walked away from the jokes and try to make an effort with the All-Star match: "5v5 Captains Mode match at The International, where the winning All-Star team will walk away with $100,000 in prize money and the prestige that comes with defeating the best of the best." This all sounds pretty promising, I really expect to see a Spectacle in an All-Star Dota 2 game, just as we see in other Sports. I have my doubts that the pros will take it serious still, but I hope the BIG word Prestige will count for something.

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