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Aug 4, 2015
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The Next Installment of Dota 2 Academy Presents
On Sunday April 10th the next episode of Dota 2 Academy will take place. This session will be an overview of the laning stage in general with very lightly touching on the 3 most common lanes you will see. The session will take place at 9PM GMT+2/ 2PM GMT-5

We are currently looking for a host of this session to take place if you believe you have top notch game understanding and are able to explain concepts very easily I highly recommend you to take this job (because no one ever comes when I say [MENTION=53250]Kimenu[/MENTION] is hosting).
[MENTION=49446]Daddy[/MENTION] [MENTION=27786]Thundernut[/MENTION]


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Oct 25, 2015
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i'd definitely like to be around for this, throw a mention my way closer to start time please :D

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