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Apr 10, 2016
Matinkyl, Espoo
Greetings again Fever Dota 2 players.

Just as a small info burst, our beloved Dota 2 Academy and Tournament Manager [MENTION=53777]Rookie[/MENTION] will be taking a leave of absence. He has given me the opportunity to run the job of managing the Fever tournaments and Dota 2 academies.

Before we host any of these, we will take small polls here on the forums on what the academy will be about and how the tournaments will be hosted and the formats/servers/brackets etc.

Most of you already know me from my tournaments, inhouse hosts, coaching sessions and guides. So the transition should be pretty much non-existent.

However now when you attend a tournament or academy hosted by me, you will also earn Fever coins, just like when Rookie was hosting them.

All feedback will be appreciated and feel free to add your opinions/ideas here on this thread.

[MENTION=49446]Daddy[/MENTION] [MENTION=53777]Rookie[/MENTION] Cheers for the opportunity guys!

On a sidenote. I will be using [MENTION=67163]datis[/MENTION] as one source of information regarding the tournaments and inform him most of the time about what's going on so if i'm offline and there's no info on the forums, you can always check through him.

- Makk

PS: The latest tournament is NOT cancelled, i'm just looking for a fitting date for it right now.

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