Event: Dota 2 Academy Saturday 2nd of July. Hosted by default at 6PM CEST. (1 Viewer)

What time would you like the academy to start?

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Apr 10, 2016
Matinkyl, Espoo
The Dota 2 Academy is here!

2 of the subjects were taken straight from the poll and 1 of them was added by myself to add some extra content as this time's academy will be heavily theory-based.

However, these were the subjects that you voted for, so a lot of theory it is!

How to participate? - Be online in Roshan pit's chatroom during the start of the academy. I will invite everyone to the lobby then.

When does it start? - 6PM CEST by default, however this can be changed depending on the poll on this thread. I have shit to do Saturday morning and afternoon so preferably not before 5PM CEST.

What are the subjects? - Teamfight analysis, The lategame/Ending the game and early game laning.

Why these subjects? - You voted for these and i added a relevant last subject

How long will the Academy last? - Assuming that all participants are following my rambling and perhaps throwing in a few questions every now and then; Roughly 10-20min per subject with possible breaks due to the amount of theory.

Makk, why are you hosting this instead of anyone else? - Beats me honestly. If you're unhappy with my way of doing things and or want change. Either give me a PM about your issue with the Dota 2 academy or then give [MENTION=49446]Daddy[/MENTION] a PM about whatever you think i'm doing wrong and we can change the host for this.


- Makk.

PS: Perkele.

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