Doom 'Free Update 3,' due later this month, will include deathmatch and private matches (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
Bethesda and id have announced that Free Update 3, a patch due to hit Doom later this month, will integrate deathmatch and private matches into id's 2016 reimagining.
"Deathmatch brings free-for-all mayhem to DOOM’s fast-paced multiplayer, while Private Matches allow you and your friends to create private multiplayer matches where you select the maps and modes. You’ll also be able to adjust settings like the time limit, score limit, or turning demons and power weapon off or on."
The announcement includes a trailer, as well as word that a live gameplay reveal will take place on September 13, next Tuesday, at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern.
Released in May, Doom is an early Game of the Year contender for many press outlets. "While other first-person shooters have stepped forward to challenge convention in recent years, none carry the clout and cachet of Doom," I wrote in my review. "For id Software to overcome the challenges specific to its history and craft a shooter that flies in the face of convention marks Doom as nothing short of a triumph—and, one hopes, a sign that change is in the air for a genre in desperate need of it."


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