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Mar 14, 2019
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So when I bought D1 I had three friends that were in a huge hurry to rush to level 30, while they were doing that I just played through the complete game and they left me behind. When they reached 30 they played for about a month or two then because they got board and quit completely. After I played my 3rd guy to level 30 I started a new one and just hung back while people ran through missions to level my guy. I didn't miss out on anything because I had played through before, I brought in another friend into the game and do to the time constrains I ran through all the missions on Challenging and leveled him up through to 30 and what I found with that is I stole away his experience of learning the game, the lore and just the overall story. I cheated him of being ingrained into what was really going on and getting the full enjoyment out of the game. I can see once you get through the games story then doing this for Alt Chars but don't rob yourself of the true nature of the game. A couple nights that I have been on I would hear people just tagging along to level and asking a ton of questions that would of been answered if they were in fact playing for themselves instead of just taking cover and watching their level bar go up. And yes its your game I guess, play how you want, but play to get your money out of it. The other part of this is that if you play through you will be more useful to the later groups you will join in the harder missions or when you replay them on a harder difficulty level.

Just my 2 cents.

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