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The roster of Diablo 3 Coaches/Class Mentors can be found in the Information & Staff sticky here.

These are players within our Diablo 3 section that have offered to be a class leader for that particular class. They are here to help you learn a class or critique your build. Please bear in mind that they may not be versed in every build played by a class - so if you ask for something out of their depth, please do not be offended if they link you to a guide or video.

Interested in becoming a class leader? We welcome all who are knowledgeable about a class.

1) You must make yourself available on Discord where possible. We understand sometimes you might run with your squad, push solo GRs, or be unavailable to do RL (playing at work, kids). But otherwise you should be in Discord.
2) You are to advise others on the class you're wishing to coach for. You need to provide constructive criticism, and refrain from "pushing" a player to use a specific build unless they ask. This, of course, means you'll need to be aware of various builds so you know how to guide the person you are coaching.
3) Be helpful during game nights, and possibly offer loot-sharing events for your class to help others gear.
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Sep 11, 2015
You guys hear about the innas rework in the ptr? Its fking damn OP now

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Aug 10, 2015
Louisville, KY
Barbarians DON'T need help!!!! :rofl:

I can help some with Crusaders if needed. I'm not huge into all the ins and outs but could offer some assistance.


Dec 21, 2015
Morehead KY
Special thank you to Muldred for all of his help. I have learned so much about saders in the last two days. The guy deserves a medal.


Jun 5, 2015
put me under barbarian please, I've spent some time testing new builds and will be pushing both DH/and barb ladders.
Already pushing monk ladder as well :D.


Jan 10, 2016
weird that there isn't a wizard mentor. :sad: Was hoping to get some help with my wizard build


Oct 23, 2015
weird that there isn't a wizard mentor. :sad: Was hoping to get some help with my wizard build
[MENTION=57219]IOSTREAM[/MENTION] , Emisary speak with Blood in game. I know he has been testing a lot of wizard builds on the PTR and has good info to provide. He is working on and I believe posting a wizard guide once the patch goes live. I as well will be updating the DH Compendium with info once the patch is live.

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