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Dec 28, 2015
So I'm keeping with my music shitposting theme but I'm having problems and I'd love other peoples advice. While i normally just ask Gator most theses things i think the forum might be a better place for this stuff.

So i'm going to make statements and what I'd like is more experienced DH's to tell me why I'm wrong and what they would do instead.

I am playing UE, I've played with multiple other builds including Green thorns Impale, Impale with/without bladed knives, M6.

Strengths and weaknesses I see.

UE does consistent damage throughout but is Glass Cannon, in my highest DPs builds things like Jailer and Thunderstorm are constant worries when playing a glass cannon what are some ways to avoid these particular spells and/or mitigate their damage.

4 UE build's i've been using.
1) Travelers set + Convention + elusive cubed with Esoteric, bane trapped, taeguk
2) F/R + random necklace (need to get hellfire) + convention cubed with Esoteric, Bane trapped, Taeguk/Bane of powerful
3) F/R + random necklace + Elusive with Bane trapped, Taeguk, Bane of powerful
4) F/R + random necklace + elusive with esoteric, Taeguk, Bane of trapped.

I use Cull, Leech, ballistic, the one that does damage over 70%.

So my biggest issue is that on certain bosses that jump on you i get one shot, Thunderstorm and Jailer can one shot me specifically in the less defensive non-elusive ring builds. Is the solution to get my death passive just to survive those things over something like ballistic if not which build do you suggest and how can i edit my builds to work better.

(31.25% CDR, 490% crit damage, 41% crit chance (higher i think)) Generating in a party highs of like 18-20 B (not consistently) Consistently hitting 4-5B in 60 rifts.

Cubed are dawn and the fire chest.

My goal is that with my friends Fjurry who's a support barb to be able to effectively speed farm 60's and then go from there.

Help is appreciated. <3.


Oct 23, 2015
I've gotta leave to go to school in about 10 mins, I'll post builds and help with this as soon as I get back home this afternoon. Don't fret, UE isn't squishy with the right gear/skill setup.


Oct 23, 2015
UE6 Multishot w/ Survivability

Check link above. This is what I used to do my GR70 without any issues. I'd say its more survivability than I needed and honestly would run with a cindercoat in the cube. Part of playing DH is also knowing how to play DH. Don't take offense to this, I'm not calling anyone a bad player or anything, etc. Things like, don't skip monsters, they will come back and bite you in the ass and kill you (aka always keep your 6 clear). If you have a speed pylon on and no life per hit on your weapon (even with leech passive) you can't go "full retard" on an entire pack with reflect damage on or you'll die, you have to shoot in spurts. Knowing the monster types, what you can take or not take damage wise (aka when you see bogans prepare to move and know where to move before they 1 shot you). DH is mainly about 1 thing, positioning. You have to always be in the right spot or you run the risk of dying. You can't mindlessly vault everywhere every 2 seconds or you won't ever have the 100% dmg buff from your endless walk set (I force move and only vault when I do GRs, I never just walk around and my EW set bonus stays at ~80+ the whole rift). Anyone can find gear and run the builds that work. The more practice you put in and time you spend on playing the DH, you'll get used to it all and overall it gets very easy (almost too easy :wink-new:) as time goes on.

As for your posting as to what's wrong with those builds...

1) Drop Esoteric/Taeguk -> Stricken/Zeis = huge dps increase. Esoteric isn't needed at all.
2) See 1 above. If using F/R drop elusive in cube, put convention in cube. Amulet -> either get a decent hellfire (dps boosting skill or death passive) or use a Eye of Etlitch (huge rng dmg reduction). It's easy to dodge and stay out of melee attacks, missles/ranged attacks are a pain.
3) See 1 + 2 above.
4) See 1 + 2 above.

Boss issues with 1 shots? All bosses have certain animations and/or sounds they show and do before performing any type of attack or special attack. Learning the bosses and their attacks will help you pre-emptively avoid and prepare to dodge those things.
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Oct 28, 2015
New Jersey
Yea as G473R said you shouldn't be using taeguk because the stacks are way too easy to drop as a dh. Esoteric is not needed at all as long as you have something to reduce your cooldowns whether it be the zodiac ring or cdr on your gear. 37.5 is the breakpoint for 100% uptime on vengeance with dawn in the cube, so that is essentially the 12.5 from gem in helm, 10 from paragon and possibly 2 other pieces of gear at max cdr rolls maybe a third. Since you'll have 100% uptime on vengeance which will give you plenty of hatred regeneration, I'd recommend using the visage of gunes in your cube for the 50% damage reduction(which is why esoteric shouldn't be needed).

From what I've seen so far this year there will be 2 main builds for the ue dh. The focus restraint one and the traveler's pledge compass rose with zodiac/convention one. You basically will be doing the same amount with each but to me it is a matter of play style. I tend to move around more so it is harder for me to keep the full bonus on traveler's pledge up and alot easier to just use focus restraint

I just cleared a 70 tonight pretty easily with level 60 legendary gems and 2 pieces still non-ancient on my gear, 4 pieces that are ancient were augmented though. I had almost no trouble dying as long as I positioned correctly and didn't stand in elemental damage too much

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