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Apr 29, 2013
Rise of Iron is one of Destiny’s biggest expansion packs yet, and Bungie is prepared to go the extra mile to help bring fans back in. Since the original release players have been asking for private lobbies in the game’s PVP mode, the Crucible. Up until now this player request has fallen on deaf ears, but now Bungie has revealed the private matches will in fact be coming to Destiny with this year’s Rise of Iron. Better yet, players who own any version of Destiny at all will be able to partake in the private lobby system, which means you won’t have to purchase Rise of Iron if you want to enjoy private matches with your friends.
The private match system will offer many game options to allow players to fully customize their Crucible experience, and you can see a full break down of all the options, as well as some important questions by visiting the official Bungie post on their site.
You can view the latest Vidoc from the developers here:


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