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Apr 29, 2013
In Destiny 2, one of the primary ways that players can increase their Power level is to get Exotic gear. Whether it’s weapons or armor, Exotic gear can push your Power beyond 265, which is difficult to do with Legendary and Rare Engrams. Of course, Exotic Engrams aren’t easy to come by in Destiny 2, but there are a few Exotic weapon quests that players can knock out to help themselves. On such quest will get you the Rat King Exotic Hand Cannon, which we’ll be covering today.
[h=2]The Rat King Exotic Hand Cannon[/h]

To get the Rat King Exotic Hand Cannon in Destiny 2, players must first complete the main story. You’ll also want to push your Power beyond 220 to even begin the quest steps, but we’d advise you to go even higher. There is little benefit to completing Exotic weapon quests in Destiny 2 before you hit at least Power 265. Exotic weapons can drop at the highest Power levels, so use them once you exceed 265 and not before, otherwise the grind to the maximum Power of 300 will be a rough one.
[h=3]Enemy of My Enemy Quest[/h]

Once the story is done and you’re happy with your Power level, head to Titan and look for a quest called Enemy of my Enemy. It’s a multi-mission quest, but it isn’t overly difficult to complete. Once you’re done, you will receive an item in your Kinetic weapon slot called Rat King’s Crew, and it’s a little vague on what you need to do.
[h=3]Rat King’s Crew Quest[/h]

The Rat King’s Crew quest isn’t very direct in its requirements, but we managed to sort it out so that you don’t have to. To complete this portion of the quest you’ll need to complete three specific tasks as follows:

  • Complete 3 Patrols
  • Complete 2 Public Events
  • Complete 2 Crucible Matches
The Patrols and Public Events can be done on any planet, and you don’t have to complete the Heroic Public Events for them to count. The Crucible portion can be done in Quick Play or Competitive, and you don’t have to worry about winning or losing.

The final step in the Rat King’s Crew quest is to complete the weekly Nightfall, and you must finish it with five minutes remaining on the clock. Unfortunately, because the Nightfall changes every week, we can’t guide you through that. Veteran players with a good fireteam should be fine here, but newer or solo players will want to seek out a carry from more experienced Guardians. If you’re successful, the Rat King Exotic Hand Cannon will drop as soon as the final boss of the Nightfall dies.

We’re hard at work creating guides for everything you need to succeed as a Guardian. Be sure to visit our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for information on everything Exotic related, including more weapon quests.


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