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Dec 7, 2017
Renton, WA
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So currently we have no "plan" for the overall look of the house. Yesterday someone took it upon themselves to change the downstairs, which overall isn't a big deal, but ultimately i think it would be better to have one person in charge, with others giving that person ideas or items that would fit with the theme.

However, since we don't have a formal way to handle things like this, I'd like to ask your opinions as to what you think a good house decoration management system would be. Please reply here. I appreciate any and all opinions.



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Aug 5, 2016
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Just have talks about ideas/thoughts , just to have everyone in on it . Its good to have feedback and not just one person on it. Id say just use a thread or FF 14 chat .

Like for the outside with all the items , what would some people like to do to make it more coordinated

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