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Jan 9, 2017
Hey all. I'm closing in on lv. 80 and am wondering what materials I should start looking for guild Hall updates. I don't have much for crafting levels, but i can gather the base materials and pass them up to someone who can craft it if that is the case. Catch you online :playful:
It looks like currently, you can donate quite a few items that don't require crafting, like Shovels, Crystalline Dust and Reagents. You can buy the reagents (for 10 at a time) from any crafting vendor. Crystalline dust can be salvaged from globs of ectoplasm, and once you reach level 80, you can go to the silverwastes and take part in events that may reward Silverwastes Shovels. Guilds almost always need elder wood and mithril, so I'm sure they would appreciate if you deposited that into the guild bank.


May 29, 2016
Thanks for the info Versette. I've put some mithril ore and elderwood in the second section of the guild bank. I'll keep gathering and shoving stuff in there.

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