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Aug 4, 2015
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With both the lack of participation during my last gamenight which was hosted on the 20th. I decided to move my gamenights to Sunday at 3:00 CST for two of reasons. First and foremost, just the lack of attendants that day made me think that not many people are willining to come on Saturday at the time specified. Also, since I am also "working" (?) in another Fever section for gamenights and tournaments it would just be much more efficient for me to host mine on Sunday since we already have a gamenight host on Fridays. This way I can host my other gamenights on Saturday and come back and host another CS:GO gamenight on Sunday instead of the day right after you guys might have just went to one.

Overall I do hope this will make gamenights easier to access by everyone while still keeping it possible for me to host them. If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to either reply or send me a PM and I will try and answer as soon as possible.

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