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Clan Officer
Mar 31, 2018
Niagara Falls, NY US
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**For all job applications, PM AsheS or McKrankyStank through Discord or on the Forums**

Game-Night Host (Officers and Enlisted) - In this role, the member is responsible for hosting all CS:GO events and tournaments through communication and organization with the company commander and deputy. They're responsible for ensuring all aspects of the night goes to plan and that members have fun.

Recruitment Team (Enlisted or Above) - In this role, any member of FeverClan that plays CS:GO can represent the section of the community, working for FeverClan Recruitment Team, in order to bring in more members.

Administrator (Senior Enlisted or Officer) - In this role, the member is responsible for updating all threads, keeping the section spam free, and helping to create threads when department events are coming up.

Game Representatives (Enlisted) - In this role, you are responsible for representing the company in any CS:GO based events and interactions with the community
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