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Hey Fever,

We have a serious problem!! My computer runs perfectly fine when I'm doing daily activities until I start to play video games! It's tragic I know... It usually happens when I play CSGO but yesterday it did it to me when I was playing League of Legends. Anyone have any idea or suggestions?:(


Umm hmm kk well it is for sure something to do with your computer ramping up to load the games where as normal activity it is just laughing. Have you upgraded any parts? What is in your system? My initial though is that maybe the processor is heating up when you are opening the game... if it is an old computer. It is hard to know just need more info to start going through the checklist of possibilities.
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Yep, that's actually right.
Changing the prefix of the thread to "Pending".
On your actual issue.
As already mentioned by FealtyGaming, without more informations a proper support is really tricky.
At first it would be good to know your system specs.
Win XP, Vista, 7, 10 (more or less):

Save the information as a text file and upload it somewhere or post the content of it in
 brackets[/COLOR][/B] here.

Furthermore it would be good to know your average temperatures while gaming, as Fealty said.


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I'm running windows 10 and the laptope is just about 1 1/2 years old its an asus. its never done this to me until about last week, I keep it clean with things on it. [MENTION=50355]Gyorn[/MENTION] [MENTION=54504]FealtyGaming[/MENTION]


Umm hmm still need a whole ton more info. I use to use laptops when I first got into gaming waaaay back in the day. I had 2 apple laptops and I burned out the hard drives in both of them from gaming too much. Games use to freeze and then I noticed normal programs like website would lag till one day the laptop would not even load from the turning on splash screen. Need though a ton more info from you though. I doubt and hope it is not the same HD issue I had. [MENTION=50355]Gyorn[/MENTION] linked a great video for windows 10 on how to provide the best info to solve/diagnose the issue.

also if you want to go the full 9 yards

What would help
PC Specs
-Wireless internet or wired direct through ethernet?
-Cooling systems(if any) Laptops are often built with very poor cooling systems as to keep sound low(lower rpm less air movement) or to make more space for other parts while keeping size down.
-Did you upgrade to windows 10 or did you do a full new install(knowing the system is over a year old you must have had a different Operating system before)
-What dud you upgrade from? (Windows 7, 8, 8.1... 95{the one true best O.S. LMAO!!!})
-what programs you are using when freeze happens(you said it usually happens when you play csgo but now also when you play Lol. How long has it been freezing during csgo?)
-what programs you are using when freeze is not happening
-Any lag or slow loads while using other programs
-**most important the results of the test Gyorn linked in the Windows 10 vid(which will judging by the video have all the specs already listed as well as displaying the probably issue).***

lol it is a ton of info but I am willing to bet with all that info Gyorn will have an answer aaaand me being a novice can get pretty close to an answer :) Freezing when video games load is something no gamer should live with.

all this though could also be because of windows 10 I have heard of tons of issues people are running into due to their windows 10 upgrades. Not all programs are ready to be upgraded to windows 10 and windows 10 is not fully prepared to run all programs especially drivers for hardware. This has caused many people to experience crashing and or uber lag... but it really is tough to tell because without more info it can be any of 1000000000 possibilities lol well not really that many, but I would estimate at least 7 possibilities.

When the test is done be sure to use [QU0TE][C0DE]paste test here[/QU0TE][/C0DE] <-I used zeros"0" instead of the letter "o" so that the brackets will be visible lol.
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As [MENTION=54504]FealtyGaming[/MENTION] described, please include as much information about your system as you can.
Initially I also thinkinig about the fans in your laptop are you cleaning them from time to time?


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More info about the problem itself would be useful as well. When it freezes do you have a sound that just loops back, any graphical issues? I would assume it locks up your entire system that you are forced to reboot. Do you have any programs to monitor your temps which is even more important if using a laptop.
HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID this is a good program that will monitor all your hardwares temps. freezing could also be bad memory or failing memory so I would suggest running a memory test as well.


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Have you been able to resolve the problem on your own? Or do you need further assistance?
If so, please remind to supply us with more informations.


:( hopefully it has been resolved and if it has I am sooooo curious to find out the info [MENTION=46929]SteezySteo[/MENTION]


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Issues like these are typically temperature related, or the sign of a failing card alltogether.

You can use speedfan or the nVidia or AMD control panel to see the current temperature of the card.

If your temperatures aren't getting excessively high, then it could be an issue with the card itself beginning to fail.


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