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May 15, 2015
Atlanta, GA
I've decided that after over 10 years of "Runescape retirement," that I wanted to return to playing this game. After logging in, I've noticed a lot of changes to what this game once was. Though, I know the basics to this game, I wanted to see if there were some people around here that still played and would be willing to team up and give me a quick rundown of any core mechanics that would help me get back into the groove. That, and it's always good to have friends in games like this.

I've already purchased my members subscription, so I have access to all of the games features. Anyone willing to help, let me know. My RS username is ultima96



May 18, 2016
Hey Begrimed! I know it's been three months since you posted this but I'll play with you. My RS name is Mrginga. I am currently osrs though I do go back to rs3 every now and again.


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Dec 28, 2013
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I too have been playing since the beginning of the year from a long hiatus since '07. Recently achieved 99 Defense & Slayer, which is where the cash keeps on flowing in. I only bought membership once and now I am financially capable of keeping it.
Jan 15, 2016
have they ruined runescape or is it still as fun as the good old days?


Jan 24, 2016
Toronto, Canada
I'm in the same boat, just fired up my membership and plan to try and get back into it. Haven't been all that active since 2008 when I left for WoW. :)


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Jun 2, 2018
New Jersey
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Hey man, I play RS3 under the name Wololo or NaC2H3O2. The changes in RS3 make it very confusing at first for new players, but I can definitely help you out.

I recommend starting with some questing. Some quests are super helpful in leveling up your stats at the start and are great for getting treasure hunter keys. Try doing the short and novice quests first, they'll give you a bunch of xp and other benefits.

You likely went through the tutorial in Ashdale and ended up in Taverly. Head north into Burthorpe and you'll find a cave to the northwest of the castle there that has a bunch of low-level trolls. If you wanted to, you could train on these guys up until around 40 in all combat skills.

Add me, and I can help point you further in the right direction, I don't want to overload you with info.

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