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May 11, 2017
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Hi there, my name is Shonenn. I would like to offer coaching for anyone Bronze-Plat since those are the players I believe I have knowledge to share with .Everyone can improve and it doesn't hurt to hear some free pointers that could help you in the upcoming season to achieve the rank you desire. Regardless if you need tips on your specific role or just to improve on basics , I am sure i can be of some help . Also for those that do not require or want coaching and just want someone chill to play with, i am down for that as well. I also offer coaching for Teamfight Tactics if that is more of what you play.Just hit me up on discord.


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Apr 3, 2019
Braunschweig, Germany
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Cool I just started playing like 2 month ago. Onces I get somewhere competetive, probably next season, I'll hit you up!!


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Aug 16, 2017
44 Shadow Lane Evanstone, Ill.
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Hello Shonenn

Thast very cool and allwyas Wecome ... iam do not want to offend you or been rude just want a little more to know about you how long do you play Lol and what is your your main role just to know you Overall better

also if its ok for or if you would like you can also work as an offcial lol coach look here: League of Legends Coaches and Requests
and fill it out .. idk how up to date it is but we are in need of not only coaches thenself also in a way more active lol overall comunity we have so many players in Na all 5 clubs are full stacked but

the activie only last in lol or somewehre else but not in sort of clan forum/discord activites so we lack that but some ppl like you and other would help gretly ti may be improfe that we have all kinds of player fomr diff servsers Na/Eu and all kinds of Elo

sorry bit out of context so if you have other ppl hat like to coach not only lol we doe have plenty of games to be coached at or ppl that jut want and are seraching for a new home a online famaily feel free to send them to us you and then will not regerd this



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