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Apr 14, 2011
Issaquah, WA
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To join the rest of us search for "Fever Clan" and look at the clan with the members feve, Rafiee, blazemost, etc. Do not join a clan called just "Fever". It was our casual clan but the leader left in charge fell through and let a 14 year old kid take it over with his friends so beware of the lookalike clan.

Requirements: if your base is rushed for its town hall level then it won't be allowed. I may make some exceptions but you won't be allowed in wars because it screws up matchmaking. Troop strength should be up to par as well. Use both war attacks or opt out of the war ahead of time. We start wars every Monday and Friday around 6pm pacific time.

Clan War guidelines:

  • Each castle gets 1 or 2 witches depending on space. Then 1 or 2 wizards depending on how many witches it got. Rest of space is filled with barbarians.
  • Attack someone of comparable level.
  • Use a full attacking army(do not attack with mass archers and barbs or something of the sort).
  • Do not attack a base to just get 1 star for the war loot. Attack a base to get 2 or more stars on it. If you are loot attacking, we will be able to tell.
  • Townhall sniping is forbidden unless explicitly stated in a clan mail by a co-leader or myself that it is allowed because of a guaranteed war win.
  • If you need to be excused for a period of time, let us know so we know to account for that when keeping record of war attacks.

These are the in game names of the people in the competitive clan. I don't know who's in the casual clan so those haven't been included. The rest of our roster is filled with players that are not on the forums.
In Game NameForum Name
Azure StrongholSandiz
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Jun 25, 2012
Does anyone know if the Android and Apple Clash of Clans are connected or if they are seperate... because I am on an iPhone


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Jun 27, 2013
They are Connected, and [MENTION=403]SandiZ[/MENTION] I say you make the clan, but you need to unlock your clan castle first. You have to pay a certain amount of gold first though. So it might take you a while. Ill go ahead and see about making it if you want. im on iOS

Also [MENTION=2]Virus[/MENTION] here ya go


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Jun 27, 2013
I will make it then. Look for Fever on IOS.

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