Bungie: 'Nope' to private matches in Destiny's April patch (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
What do Destiny players want? Private matches! When do they want them? Immediately, if not sooner!
Well, too bad. Community manager Dave Dague confirmed in a tweet that private matches are not in the pipe for Destiny's impending April update, due next Tuesday, the 12th. "Nope," Dague replied to a fan asking if the next Destiny live stream would include the in-demand feature. "We'll talk about Weapon balance, the future of Warlocks, and changes to rewards and gameplay in the Crucible."
Dague made no mention of custom games, which rank up there with private matches on the list of things Destiny players want most. It's possible Bungie plans to keep these and other feature sin their back pocket until the next planned update for the game, due this fall, or look ahead to the sequel slated for 2017.
Still, there's plenty to look forward to when the patch drops. Expects new gear, alterations to the Prison of Elders endgame activity, and various quality-of-life elements such as rewards and drop rates.
Expect to get more details on what the update holds in store when Bungie hosts its weekly stream tomorrow, Wednesday.


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