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Apr 15, 2020
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2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
Wudi Video.

What do you think? Will they nerf it?

Looks fun to me, might finally play some Crusader if it holds.


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Mar 11, 2020
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Staff Sergeant
Gameplay is too clunky for me and I won't be playing it, but it shouldn't be nerfed imho. If it is accessible to everyone and it doesn't break the game or ruin the experience of others, I don't see the point in nerfing.
If they are consistent, they will nerf it. There were a bunch of 150s the first week of PTR before the seasonal theme with it. A couple seasons back they nerfed lamentation down from 200% because somebody with like 11k paragon did like a 144 iirc. It's a finicky build gear wise to get all the thorns rolls so it's will take a while to get the gear right but it's kind of a wierd interaction with teh invoker 2 pc as well. I think they are just going to swap the 2pc and 4pc to nerf that build without nerfing invoker overall

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