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So Blizzard have put out their community feedback for the 12th of July.

I'll be posting a quick TLDR of the update with a link to it at the end of the post!


"we want to clarify what our intended role for the Reaper should be. Reapers should be good for scouting, and through tactical use of their KD8 charge be a viable but risky rush opener when made in large quantities"
"However, in the TvZ matchup we are seeing numerous Reapers being used as a general opener that has a bit too clean of a transition to normal play for Terrans. While this strategy requires a lot of skill to execute perfectly, we think that amassing larger numbers of Reapers is too safe for how much threat they pose."

So they're potentially looking at making the following changes:

* Cost of Reaper to be 75 Minerals/50 Gas (Up from 50 minerals, 50 gas)
* Reduce the Reaper’s KD8 Charge damage from 10 to 5.
* Adjusting the Reaper’s Combat Drugs so that it would also not heal if the Reaper recently attacked.

Doesn't seem to be any indication as of yet as to which change(s) they will be making, but they're planning to make some sort of change between IEM Shanghai and GSL Korea vs The World.
Personally I feel like a change may most certainly be needed. It won't necessarily change much for me as a Protoss player. But going to be huge in TvZ. Particularly on ladder where lesser zergs (Compared to the top pro players) may struggle dealing with these reaper openings currently. Any Zergs got any comments to say on this change?

Terran Mech:

"Recently at high levels in Korea we have been seeing a relatively new form of mech play appearing in TvZ and performing well. We would like to continue to observe how it continues to play out first before stepping in and making changes here. This includes keeping an eye on its historic predator, the Swarm Host. Currently it has not been as effective in the Korean scene as elsewhere so we are wondering if there are regional differences in meta at play here."

Not much said. Going to be awhile yet before if there are any changes made in response to this new style of Mech being used in Korea.


"Mass Raven strategies have shown up infrequently in high level play. However, we believe the playstyle of mass Raven could be problematic for ladder level play."

Seems they're thinking of making the following change to Ravens currently;

* Increase supply cost from 2 to 3. "which would bring it in line with other tech air units like the Banshee and Viper. This should have limited impact at professional levels of play and when using smaller counts of Ravens, while making mass Raven style easier to counter."

No real opinion from on this potential change. I haven't experienced mass raven at all personally, and like Blizzard say, it's doubtful to have any major impact on pro scene.

EDIT: For those that aren't farmilar with Korean Mech is; Hellion/Banshee into double Thor drop, or Hellion/Cyclone pressure are both popular openers. Usually ends in some kind of maxed Tank push, though Skyterran shows up occasionally.

Effectively Korean Mech is just a lot more Aggressive than what Mech has previously been. inparticular has been used by Gumiho lately.


"In high level play we have not been seeing much Colossus use, even in situations where it seems like the Colossus should be viable. We think this is partially due to the Colossus not having a sharp enough identity, so we want to explore changing the Colossus from a general purpose splash damage unit into an anti-light splash damage unit."

The proposed change to help solve this problem is as follows:

* change its weapon from doing 12 damage flat to 10 + 5 light.

"Ideally this would also make the differences between Protoss’s splash damage options more clear. Disruptors have high burst damage and work especially well vs low mobility units, the Colossus is good for sustained damage vs light enemies, and High Templars are a more general purpose splash damage role."

As a Protoss player, I personally like this change. Gives Protoss a fairly good boost in dealing with the current Baneling/Hydralisk play style in PvZ and Marine heavy bio balls in PvT. Also the reaosning of having Disruptors, Colossus and High Templar having their specfic roles after this potential change adds a little more of a strategic thought process when choosing which splash damage route go down.

Orginal link to the Community Update post:

Anyone have any thoughts they would like to share? I'd like to see some discussion going on about these potential changes. Remember, none of these changes they're considering are final. Of course subject to change.
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