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Aug 28, 2015
Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Everything We Know

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will be released on November 6th 2015, while an beta multiplayer version of the game was launched in August 2015. PS4 received the beta first as its an exclusive for Black Ops 3. Xbox and PC received the beta after the beta was finished on the PS4 and soon ended late August 2015. As usual beta's are done to get the fans responses 'whats good and whats bad about the game and also what can be improved'. Many bugs as usual are found and many other issues are found, anything from custom classes to a weapon in the game. Maybe a weapon is too strong or too weak compared to others.

Release Date and Pre Orders

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will be released for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on November 6th. It was previously thought that the game would only be released for current-gen consoles and PC, but in an Activision blog post, the company confirmed that previous-gen players will now be included. The firm has employed developers Beenox and Mercenary Technology to develop the last-gen console ports of the game. As stated if you did pre order the game you would have access to the beta that you would be getting the console on.

NUK3TOWN is back! This fan favorite map from Black Ops has returned in a big way for PS4, Xbox One and PC. As you know it would of been completely redesigned to Treyarchs way. Set in the year 2065, players will experience a fresh take on this classic run-and-gun, close-quarters multiplayer map, I'm not to sure if it will be featured in the Zombies Playlist but I'm sure it will as its the fan favorite map.

In the build up to release, Black Ops 3's editions and pre-order bonuses have been announced. The top-tier Juggernog edition, costs an eye-watering 180 from Game, but includes a rather cool-looking (for CoD fans, anyway) recreation of the Zombies Juggernog machine. However, as of July 20th this edition is out of stock.

The Hardened edition is slightly less extreme, and includes concept art cards, a Zombies map called The Giant (based on Der Reise that was first seen in Call of Duty: World at War), a SteelBook game case, a weapon personalisation pack and a "Cyborg personalisation pack". The Digital Deluxe edition, meanwhile comes with The Giant, a season pass for DLC, and the aforementioned personalisation packs.




Limited Edition Black Ops 3 PS4

Yes they did another limited edition PS4. Both the console and the controller has a unique style to it. Looking very nice with its black and orange look I'm sure a lot of people will be wanting to get their hands on this clean console/controller bundle. Forgot to mention that it has 1TB of memory in the console and the bundle will include the: console, controller, early access black ops 3 maps and the black ops 3 game. If you're wanting to get the whole bundle I'm sure your local game store like, GAME or GameStop will have them in stock as soon as the game comes out, I believe a pre-order is done by this also. So maybe Amazon or your game store will help you with that.

PC Specs

OS: Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-530 / AMD Phenom II X4 810
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 6970
DirectX 11

Single Player Campaign

Black Ops 3 is set in a future where soldiers and machines can become one, with physical augmentations playing a key role in both the game's story and gameplay. Lots of comparisons have been made to Deus Ex, especially around the game's debates as to whether cybernetic enhancements have gone too far. Plots details show that in every corner there is a whole lot of chaos so be careful what might be around the corner as anything could be there waiting for you in the campaign, even a gatling gun ready to pick up, yes they added them.

Gameplay will feature a similar runny-jumpy feel to Advanced Warfare, but with a few tweaks. Many people complained about the acrobatics in AW but now in Black Ops 3. You will only have a certain amount of jumps and you won't be able to jump/slide etc every single second as fans were upset about the AW jumping mechanics.

A trailer released this week acts as a handy guide for new players and seasoned veterans, taking the form of a 10-minute timeline reminding you of all the characters and events that featured in the first two games. It's not a particularly interesting trailer for fans of gameplay, and you won't learn anything about multiplayer or Zombies, but fans of the game's lore will surely appreciate it.



As usual everyone wants a large variety of gamemodes as we have variation of players. People that want to be that 'lone wolf' or people that like to be a 'gang' and team up wanting to destroy the opposing team. So here is a list of the gamemodes as of yet:

Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Capture the Flag, Demolition, Kill Confirmed, Uplink, SafeGuard. There is talks of other gamemodes coming back as well, such as Mercenary Moshpit Playlist. But nothing has been confirmed I believe (will keep you posted). Everyone seems excited that Uplink (introduced in Advanced Warfare) is coming back to Black Ops 3. Uplink was a very popular gamemode in Advanced Warfare and now its coming back people will be excited to grab them balls to the other side of the map. Also a new gamemode coming to Black Ops 3, SafeGuard. In Call of Duty terms its like Headquarters, but if you don't know what Headquarters is you could compare it to the gamemode in Team Fortress 2 called Payload, I'm sure some of you have played Team Fortress 2.

Anyway the main objective is to follow a robot from your base all the way to the enemies base before the timer runs out. As far as it goes you need to be next to robot for it to move at all times. So you've got to be very smart and not just run out there like an idiot. This could help a lot with teammates communicating in game making sure they get the win for their team.

Weapons List

The mans/womans best friend in the battlefield. Guns. I'll make this nice and simple, a massive list of all the guns that are/or have been in the beta/leaked about Black Ops 3, enjoy.

Primary Weapons

Submachine Guns: Kuda, Weevil, Razorback, Vesper, VMP
Assault Rifles: ARK-7, Man-O-War, HVK-30, Sheiva, M8A7, XR-2
Shotguns: KRM-262, Haymaker 12
Lightmachine Guns: BRM, Dingo
Sniper Rifles: Locus, Drakon, P-06

Secondary Weapons

Pistols: MR6, RK5, L-CAR 9
Launchers: XM-53, Blackcell
Specials: Combat Knife


Lethals: Frag Grenade, Semtex, Trip Mine, Thermite, Combat Axe, C4
Tacticals: Concussion, Flashbag, EMP, Black Hat, Smoke Screen, Trophy System, Shock Charge
Weapon Attachments: Recon Sight, Reflex Sight, Thermal, Variax 3, Ballistics CPU, Extended Mag, Fast Mags, FMJ, Grip, High Caliber, Laser Sight, Long Barrel, Quickdraw, Rapid Fire, Stock, Suppressor


Tier 1
Flak Jacket - Explosives do less damage to you.
Blind Eye - Undetectable by scorestreaks and tracking systems.
Ghost - Cannot be detected by enemy UAVs while moving, planting or defusing bombs, or while controlling Scorestreaks.
Blast Suppressor - Removes all mini-map indicators for when you’re using your thruster pack.
Afterburner - Faster recharging thrust pack (more jumps and slides)
Overclock - Earn specialist weapon or specialist ability faster.

Tier 2
Hard Wired - Immune to counter UAV, Powercore, immune EMPs and you will not trigger proximity based explosives or tacticals.
Scavenger - Replenish ammo and equipment from enemies killed by non-explosive weapons.
Fast Hands - Swap weapons faster and aim faster after sprinting. Reset the fuse when throwing back frag grenades.
Tracker - Allows you to see a digital imprint of enemy footsteps (last 4/5 seconds).
Ante Up - Start with more scorestreak points (similar to hardline).
Cold Blooded - Reduces your imprints on the ground against Tracker and Sixth Sense. Makes you immune to thermal sights and ground AI streaks.

Tier 3
Engineer - Show enemy equipment.
Dead Silence - Reduce the sounds your movements make (Black Ops 2 description: “Move silently”).
Awareness - Enemy movements are easier to hear.
Tactical Mask - Reduce the effects of Flash, Concussion grenades etc.
Gung-Ho - Hip-fire your weapon, deploy equipment and throw grenades while sprinting.
Sixth Sense - Indicates the direction of near-by enemies in quadrants.


Zombies, the feeling of shooting zombies right in the face is the best feeling ever. Anyway Zombies is going to completely different this year in Black Ops 3. A ranking system is going into Zombies whoever thought that would happen, so I'm guessing every kill counts and everything you do in a game of Zombies counts. Every round, kill everything you do so be careful, stay alive. Yes it was confirmed a ranking system is coming but we don't know how many ranks there will be. There could be 10 or even 100 no one knows, got to wait until the game comes out. But we do know that there will be a map called "The Giant". Based on the map Die Reise were it all begin in World At War is themed in Black Ops 3, its going to be amazing for sure. The map will be included in all the special editions for Black Ops 3, so if your a zombie maniac then get your hands on one of them special editions.



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Is it going to have real servers this time around?
I don't mean the "real servers" BLOPS 2 had, I mean actual servers
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