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Apr 29, 2013
Creative Director Michel Ancel shed a tear while revealing the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2 and some fans surely shared those feelings after waiting over 14 years to hear more about the new game. The first Space Monkey Report showed how Beyond Good & Evil 2 is taking the original game's contained sci-fi drama and blowing it wide open with a massive space sandbox for players. Today's stream is the second official update and here are the highlights

At the start of the stream, the developers repeatedly reminded everyone that what we're watching is a work in progress. The team is now over 120 staff and other studios at Ubisoft are assisting with development. The current focus is E3, so look out for an even bigger reveal in June.
[h=2]Beyond Good & Evil 2's Timeline[/h]The game's timeline starts in 2040 on Earth and the team shared crucial elements that set the stage for the player experience. A scientist's breakthroughs in propulsion at this time is instrumental in the journey into space. There's an uprising in 2063 where humans fight against AI. 2086 is the arrival of the first hybrid between an animal and human. In 2108, humanity has to leave Earth. The expeditions that lead this initiative are the focus of BG&E 2. 2225 is the year Ganesha City, the main setting of BG&E 2, is founded. There are other areas that will be in the game as well. The developers state that they don't want to have a bunch of planets without substance.
"We want planets that have meaning; that have a story."
The game will be set within one solar system. The next step in the timeline, 2314, a mysterious ship massacre occurs in System 3. The team is keeping information involving this event under wraps. System 3 evolves to the Golden Age of Piracy in 2360. The birth of Jade is the final part of the timeline, but the devs don't give the exact date. Jade was born before BG&E2 starts, but there's an air of mystery around it as well. These things are subject to change because this timeline is a "working document." The team is asking for feedback and ideas because they want players to participate in the building of the game.
[h=2]What's The Threat In Beyond Good & Evil 2[/h]There's a "dark mist" that is growing around everything. It's confirmed to be menacing, but that's all.
[h=2]Beyond Good & Evil 2's Bermuda Triangle[/h]A Space Bermuda Triangle is discussed. It's a very dangerous object and there's a graveyard of ships around it, but your crew will want to go there. There are goals beyond this "door" but it's up to players to figure out what is there. The door's design is from concept art from the first Beyond Good & Evil.
[h=2]Your Beyond Good & Evil 2 Pirate Crew[/h]There are a bunch of interesting NPCs that will be encountered in the game and they can become a part of your crew in Beyond Good & Evil 2. You'll have additional crew and friends that can inhabit your massive spaceships as well.
[h=2]New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Gameplay[/h]New gameplay footage was shown and we got to see animations for characters, multiple ships, and how players can seamlessly and quickly jump from ship traversal to ground combat. The clip was very short, but more will be shown at E3. The developers made sure to explain that things weren't scripted, emphasizing how players can do anything anywhere. There's a shot of a player inside of a larger ship and shots of a player fighting enemies on top of a ship after leaping out of her own, smaller ship. All of the shots are taking place high up in the air. We also got a quick glimpse at co-op combat.
The melee combat made its in-engine debut and looks very inspired by the combat in the first game. The main player was even using a staff. Players can get access to a jetpack for movement, but it can also influence combat.
[h=2]Additional BG&E 2 Details[/h]
  • There was a mention of 200 pirates. That may be how many are allowed in each server.
  • The game will be mature. The devs don't want a "half-pirate" experience.
  • In response to a fan question, the developers state that the game will not directly address the cliffhanger of the first Beyond Good & Evil because it is a prequel, but some events will relate to it somehow.
This story is still developing and we'll add new information as it is made available. There's no release window for Beyond Good & Evil 2 as of yet.


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