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Yeah...a few days late posting this. oh well!

Anyway onto the community update!

These changes are already on the balance test mod and the final changes will go live on the 20th of August with the start of Season 3 for 2019.


* Warp Prism:

- Warp Prisms no longer start with the Warp Conduit passive ability and warp-ins will take 11 seconds when not near a Warp Gate or Nexus, up from 4.
- The Gravitic Drive upgrade now has the added functionality of granting Warp Prisms the Warp Conduit passive ability, reducing warp-in time from 11 to 4.
- Warp Prism cost increased from 200 minerals to 250 minerals.
- Warp Prsim pick up ranged decreased from 6 to 5.

* Zealot:

- Zealot Charge additional impact damage decreased from 8 to 0.
- After researching Charge, Zealots will still retain the ability to always hit a fleeting target at least once.


* Infestor:

- Infested Terran infested Rockets weapon cooldown increased from 0.95 to 1.14
- (Bugfix) Infested Terran infested Rockets will no longer ignore armor

* Overlord

- Overlord/Oversea Pnenumatized Carapace upgrade research cost decreased from 100/100 to 75/75


* Upgrades:

- Stimpack upgrade research duration decreased from 121 seconds to 100 seconds.
- (New Upgrade) Enhanced shockwaves: Increases the radius of the ghost's EMP round from 1.5 to 2 (Cost: 150/150. Research time: 79 seconds)

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