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Oct 23, 2017
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Today there was a kind of a spam post posted to our Diablo 3 forums. The post was a copy of Original post Reddit, but it does not make the topic any less meaningful when applied to Fever Gaming companies. What is highlighted on the post related to many of the mechanics being hidden applies to multiple games and how knowing those little things can make a big difference. Some examples of not very well known things in Diablo 3 are:

  • Procs can’t proc other procs
    • Example 1: that meteor proc from Etched Sigil does not trigger Area Damage
    • Example 2: With Wand of Woh & Explosive Blast: Chain reaction, you will do total of 9 Explosive Blasts, but only the very first explosion triggers Area Damage.
  • Attack Speed has breakpoints
    • Example 1: Depending on Skill used, your character screen might show DPS improvement, but unless you hit the next AS breakpoint, your actual damage does not change
    • Example 2: Etched Sigil casts the triggered spell slower if you have more than 1.5 attacks per second. (Paragon and one piece with AS will make you have more than 1.5 APS)
  • Some effects are additive and others are multiplicative
    • Example 1: Additive vs multiplicative DH Edition
    • Example 2: if you have 3 items with each having 20% increased fire damage, you will gain 60% increased fire damage, instead of 72.8%
    • General rule: If it's a debuff and it also increases dmg taken from other members of a group, it's always additive. If a buff affects a certain skill, but it isn't a legendary effect, it's additive (other than pets). If it increases your character-sheet displayed dps value, it's also additive. (Note that bonus can be conditional in which case it will not necessarily show on character sheet damage number)
  • STR, DEX & INT Stats give you either Armor or All resistances
    • This is the reason why Armor is more valuable as stat for Wizards, Necromancers and Witch Doctors
    • Same is true the other way as well where All Resists as stat is more valuable for Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter and Crusader
    • Example 1: It is often more valuable to test different combinations of All Resist and Armor values to find a good balance as both have diminishing returns
  • How certain skills work
    • Example: Arcane Orb: Frozen Orb. Damage comes in 3 parts (Shard AoE: 308.825%, Orb Pierce: 635%, Orb Explosion: 950%.) If you hit with all three you get a grand total of 1893.825% per cast. This means you want to be casting the Orb so that it 1. Travels through your target and explodes right behind it after piercing the target for Maximum effect.

The person who needs help should also think what answering questions means to the person answering questions. For example it is much easier to answer questions over Discord than try to type answers in-game chat. Sometimes answering questions, if there is many of them, can take good 30 minutes or more, which if typing will effectively prevent one from playing the game. Sometimes the explanation if so long and complicated that it is easier to direct asking person to the thread or video containing the information.
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