As of April I will no longer be running the FSL (1 Viewer)

So, as per the title of the thread, as of April I've chosen that I will no longer be running the Fever Star League. I will run the March FSL as I've already put up the sign ups.

I've already informed [MENTION=47521]Shiva[/MENTION] of this and partially of my reasons.
My reasoning for stepping away from the FSL is as follows.

1. I put the time and effort for almost the last year to make sure I host the FSL every month since it's been brought back. However, I've started to feel recently that my time in running, and organizing the FSL is not being respected by those that sign up. (I'm not saying it's everyone) for a couple reasons:

a. People signing up and not putting the effort into organizing their games until I get on their backs about it. (Frequently have cases of people not attempting to organised with their opponents until the weekend [Giving about 48 hours to organise and play left - Despite giving a week per round]
b. People organizing their games and then not showing up to when it was organised for. (there was a case of this in the on-going Feb FSL where I made the choice neither player was given the win because neither showed up) -Disclaimer on this; I am NOT upset at people who can't make games they've organised because of emergencies, emergencies happen and I completely understand that-
c. I find i'm frequently chasing players up to find out if they've organized their games despite asking every month in the thread I post with the first round games that Players please update me on this as they go, and this links back to A. in the sense that I was finding out players weren't organizing it until I was contacting them.

2. I'm starting to lose interest in hosting this on a monthly basis, i'm often catching myself being slack with contacting players to get updates or posting 2nd/3rd/4th round games, etc. (Had a couple times where Unfortunately I've posted them a day late because of this. So I figure it was best that I choose to step away from hosting and give someone else a potential chance to take over before I ruin what the FSL is by losing interest more so.

3. I'm looking to shift my focus onto my StarCraft 2 game time once my current on-going computer issues are fixed. Nothing to really explain there. I find that hosting an on-going tournament every month takes away from my desire to play to some extent, in addition to some of the time I would have to play.

So a combination of the 3 things I've listed is why I've chosen as of April I will not be hosting FSL anymore.

For anyone who might be interested or willing in taking over and hosting FSL as of April or what not, do contact [MENTION=47521]Shiva[/MENTION]
If anyone has any questions or has anything to say regarding my stepping away from hosting FSL please PM me or message me on Discord!

- Synizta


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Apr 21, 2017
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Sorry to hear that, Syn. thanks a lot for your effort until now.


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Oct 23, 2017
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[MENTION=34692]Synizta[/MENTION] Thanks for your contribution. I know it's a thankless task.

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