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Just baught 2 new Mods

2six STYLE Mechanical mod + Holy grail rda (vape mech 4nine nemesis clone rba)

I also got an AR Mod with a TOBH ATTY V2 RDA


Ill be sure to put some #handchecks on my instagram and maybe on here once I get them!


Expanded My Collection, I now have a StingRay, an all black AR Mod, and an all white Nemesis with a white Holy Grail RDA. Then I went to the vape shop with my boys last night and got a bunch of new Liquids.

Miz Redavni

Mar 2, 2015
So I JUST now got my V2 Pro Series 7

That image is to scale.

I'll be trying it out in a few to let you guys know how it is.

And in a few weeks I'll tell you how it holds up(since it's a whopping $150 "pen")

Initial-use-update: Great! It has a great weight to it like a flashlight(Without the batteries bouncing around like they do in almost all flashlights).

Wow the magnetic recharge cord and cartridges. Both just snap on by lighting touching and release smoothly.

It comes with two different cartridge(with a third option that costs extra). Loose leaf and E-liquid are the two that come with it, the third being wax.

Voltage setting pretty good. Lowest being 200c/390f, medium 210c/415f, and high being 225c/440f. A 3 light display will tell you which one you have it on. 1 is low, 2 is medium and 3 is high.

This thing is big and shaped like a penis(and you suck on the head). Good luck totting it in your pants. It's more of a "Travel" "Pen". It's one you'd take with you while traveling. Not on the go in your home town/ city(unless it's in your bag).

Once it heats up to the appropriate temperature you will no long have to push the button(except when you are done and you want to turn it off). It just keeps going until it's told to stop.

I've tested the loose leaf cartridge and my god, if you've ever done any of the literally flavored air ones, it just like that. It hits the most clean I have ever tried. I have a feeling I'm going to be in love with this thing.

If you're more of a visual person, check out this review.

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Jun 8, 2015
Is no one worried about the health issues relating to Vaping. As its a pretty much un-researched thing. One study was released recently that shows a negative impact on your lungs, similar to that of smoking. This is due to the amount of nicotine. It means your immune system is weakened because of the toxins you are inhaling. if you switched to e-cigarettes to help stop smoking, I would also suggest trying to give in the vapes.

I don't mean to be a party pooper, I'm just quite health concious.

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