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May 12, 2015
Yo Febrile gamers,

If you happen to care or have reason for concern, an Anti-Cancer Diet will push the grave into the far future!

The Basics:

1. Cancer is unable to grown in an ALKALINE environment. A lot of our easily available foods cause our bodies to be acidic. This does not mean you can not eat acidic foods though. For example, lemons are pretty acidic, however, the overall effect to the body is a reduction in acidity. Choose wisely Indiana!

2. Cancer thrives on sugar and carbohydrates that go unused. Middle finger to the Atkins diet... we need carbs! The main idea is to take in carbs that you will burn before they become excess sugars in your sexy body. Foods with a low GLYCEMIC LOAD are key here.

3. Keto-adapt your metabolism, that is, adapt your body to easily switch to burning fats. The false information about saturated fats has been cracked. Medium and short chain triglycerides are hella good for us. Of all things, they help regulate hormones and we need fats for trans fatty acids to break down fats! My personal choices are unsalted organic butter and coconut oil. Please be aware that the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 oils is best at greater than 3:1.



Feb 7, 2015
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Oh wow, thanks for this thread! Really good to know all this!


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Nov 6, 2015
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I would like to point out that this MAY reduce the risk of cancer, but only for cancer related to our digestive track. This includes Mouth, Upper Throat, Larynx, Stomach and Bowels.

How healthy eating prevents cancer | Cancer Research UK

You need to have a balanced diet, and not over indulge in anything, in order to reduce digestive track related cancers.

There are a multitude of ways of getting cancer, and food is only 1 of them. Cancer forms from the mutation of cells, due to their DNA becoming damaged. That means that even if you were the healthiest person on the planet, a random neutrino (and there are millions of them passing through you at any instant), or any other particle that barely interacts with matter, can pass through one of your strands of DNA and cause it to mutate into a cancerous cell. Good news is that most of these cells die out before they can divide, in the small chance that they do divide you get cancer.


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Apr 16, 2016
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Both my wife and mother are currently in remission for different kinds of cancer - and my personal opinion of their success was tons of water, coffee(Black), tea(Sugar Free), and milk(Skim).

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