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Aug 16, 2017
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found this on Reddit and i like the Idea

Announcing the Chronoshift Project: A way to play old versions of League of Legends

Chronoshift is work-in-progress server software for old versions of League of Legends. Supported game clients can connect and talk to this server just like they did when the official servers for those versions were online. This enables players to experience the game as it was at the time.
Currently it only works with a specific game client from 2010, but with some effort it can be modified to support other versions from around that time (2009-2011), and further efforts could push the compatibility to slightly newer versions (2014).
Some features of the aforementioned game client along with the server include:
  • All champions up through Trundle, 65 in total!
  • All 14 summoner spells in the game at the time
  • 5 fully functional maps!
  • Summoner's Rift
  • Summoner's Rift Autumn version
  • Summoner's Rift Winter version
  • Twisted Treeline
  • Proving Grounds (Tutorial)
  • All items!
As stated at the beginning of this thread, the server is not finished yet (although it's quite far along in development), this means some things are not as good as they need to be in order to allow playing a full, enjoyable match. These include, in ascending order of importance:
  • Runes and masteries (most of the groundwork for them is done, so this isn't much of a problem)
  • Performance (works quite well actually, but the code hasn't been written with performance as a priority and it can probably run even better :D), occasional bugs and crashes
  • Pathfinding (basic pathing that ignores walls works, but it doesn't take into account other units, making units go through each other and minions stack in the same spot. This is the most serious issue)
Here are some screenshots of the game client running and connected to the server: We've been working on this project for several years, and we're excited to share it with the community. That said, we're a very small team and we can't really support letting everyone play immediately, especially with the state its in. At this point we're assessing interest and looking for ways to get feedback.
To answer some concerns you may have, here is extra information about Chronoshift:
  • To be absolutely clear, this is not an official project, nor endorsed by the original game developer
  • The server has been written from scratch and is not based on other similar projects
  • This is separate from the current official game client, and would not modify or interfere with it
We're really looking forward to reading what you think regarding this project!
EDIT: To clear up something that seems to come up a lot:
  • This isn't going to be a 'private server' in the same sense that WoW servers are. This will be something that people will likely host themselves. We're going to do some online testing first to iron out the bugs and avoid floating a ton of buggy versions out there, but this won't be a private server. We cant afford to run one anyways :D
If you'd like to keep up with the project we now have Discord and Twitter accounts!
Discord: Join the Chronoshift Discord Server!
Twitter: ChronoshiftDev (@ChronoshiftDev) | Twitter

found on Reddit


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