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Aug 23, 2019
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When you joined, you were automatically given the roles corresponding to the games you play – your main games and any others you asked to be included in. But what if you pick up a new game, or get tired of one you used to love? That’s where the #request-roles-here channel comes in. You’ll find it up near the very top of the Discord, under the “Fever Facts” heading.


To add a role for a new game: just click the icon indicated for that game – that’s all you have to do. You’ll be automatically added to that community and start getting notices of game nights and events.

To remove a role for a game you no longer play:
click the icon for that game twice. You should see it light up to indicate that you clicked it the first time. After that, click it a second time so that it is no longer illuminated. Poof! You’ve been removed from that role and will no longer get notices from it. If you ever change your mind and want to rejoin, just click it once as though adding a new game, and all the notices will come back.

So suppose you wanted to add the role for Fallout 76. You'd look at the role list to see what Fallout 76 appears as (in this case, it's a mushroom cloud).


Next, scroll down to the bottom of the post, click on the mushroom cloud, and bam! You're now part of the F76 community.


If you ever wanted to leave the Fallout 76 role, you'd just come back and click on the mushroom cloud again. No more F76 notifications!

In addition to the game-specific roles, there are also a variety of Fever Social roles. All members are automatically added to the “Social” role, which is for major clan-wide notifications and weekly Fever Social updates. We won’t spam you with that role, but if you ever want to remove it, just click the icon for it twice to stop getting notifications.

The other Fever Social roles are opt-in, and can be added by clicking the respective icon. They are as follows:

D&D: this covers all tabletop roleplaying games, not just D&D. It includes announcements of new games and gaming sessions.

GOTM: this is the Fever Game of the Month. It covers special events and game nights for the GotM.

Social Games:
this is where multiplayer games that don’t really fit other categories go. Jackbox games, board and card games, Town of Salem, and Cards Against Humanity are among the games covered by this umbrella. This role covers announcements of game nights and any new games starting.

Giveaways: this is for game giveaways. Generous Fever members will use this role to announce their giveaways and explain how to enter. All members are eligible, even if you don’t have the role, but they are usually fairly short (around 24 hrs), so without the ping you may miss out.

Special Events:
this is for clan-wide events not covered under any other category.


Feel free to add as many, or as few, of the social roles as you prefer.

If you have any further questions about how roles work, or which roles might be right for you, please contact any Fever officer or above. We’re happy to help!
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