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Jul 12, 2015
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How Donald Trump Won the Election of 2016

Donald J Trump has come from no political or military experience and will now be filling the role of the most powerful office in the world. How did the business tycoon and celebrity figure win the Republican nomination and then win the electoral vote by such a large margin?

Trump comes from the rarest form of presidency to the United States. A man with no political or military experience, he is now among only three including (Taft & Hoover), the majority (26 total) coming from a background with Law. Some reasons I think Trump won, some might say so handily against the opposing candidate Clinton are thus.

1. His background.
Trump comes from the world of business, a world in which mistakes have real repercussions, and a work schedule so intense most people would quickly opt out of that lifestyle. People in America since Hoover left office in 1933 have been plagued with career politicians, a growing national debt, and 6 major global conflicts which have taken a massive toll on both the nation’s economy but subsequently the American people. Our national debt, now nearly at 20 trillion dollars has placed our country at such a disadvantageous negotiating position we are forced to pay $73.9 million dollars to China a day to cover our loan’s interest. The American people have been hit with waves of inflation of our currency from the reckless printing under Obama, unemployment which is still rife after the housing crash nearly 10 years ago, and that crippling aforementioned national debt. What does all this have to do with Trump? Nothing, he comes from a class that had the least impact on the debt or the lack of job creation, indeed he comes from the one stock of people trying to fight against the burdensome regulation, taxation, and foolish policy, domestic and foreign that has caused the problems America faces today.

2. Trump speaks the truth.
Donald Trump had caught so much backfire from the establishment (both Republican and Democrat) his chances at first to becoming the next leader of the free world were very much doubted, even laughed at by many. He has said many “controversial” things while running for office, but no one could bash him for speaking his mind and sticking to what he believes is the truth. His brash way of speaking, pointing out obvious flaws in his opponents that normally would just be kept in the privacy of ones mind, and how earnestly he says he wants to make America great again caught the people’s attention, and held it throughout the entire race. Trump, especially after securing the Republican nomination shown as a light of truth against the deceitful and crafty ways of Hillary Clinton. The American people have had no other choice but to elect candidates like Clinton, who withhold the truth from the masses and speak with such cunning polish it can be difficult to sift through the falsities they utter. People like Trump’s way of straightforward and clear rhetoric, since it seems to be a lack of rhetoric. He speaks his mind, unafraid of stepping on toes or dispelling the gossamer political correctness that has grown to infest the workplace and politics for the past 20 years. He like Nigel Farage will never stab anyone in the back, they always do it from the front.

3. Anti-establishment.
Something people like about Trump is he is a disruptor, an agent of change. As has been stated previously the United States has had much of the same policy for the past thirty years, our debt has risen to an almost unfathomable level, violent crime is on the rise, and Europe as well Southwest Asia are on the verge of collapse. President-elect Trump represents tangible change, a shift in the winds to change our course to better waters. He will have a foreign policy of peace through strength like Regan had, along with the domestic know-how to keep businesses in the US. Trump’s plan on cutting the corporate tax rate will give businesses the incentive to stay in the US, keeping jobs here and growing new ones along with them. The United States has lost it’s place of respect in the UN and among the global community as a whole. This is due to a multitude of reasons such as the conflicts in Southwest Asia, a crumbling economy, and not negotiating from a position of strength. Something Trump will bring to the Whitehouse is an expertise in dealmaking. In his famous book, The Art of The Deal he wrote in 1987, among the first lines is “Deals are my art-form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals.” (Trump, 1987). In the world of politics with a 90% incumbent re-election rate in 2012 and a 10% job approval rating for congress that same year doing a good job, even a decent job are remarkably unnecessary to retain office. In the business world, a world of results and no excuses, is where Trump thrives. I think he will bring this sort of policy to politics, which would be a great and much needed change.

I think Donald will do a top notch job, he is used to a rigorous work environment and schedule, knows how to surround himself with the brightest minds, and will always negotiate deals with the US at the forefront. The year of 2017 should bring as the news anchors like to say, unprecedented change. But this time, change in a positive direction for the American people, and the world.


Dec 7, 2016
I'd say don't underestimate the impact of Cambridge Analytica with their modern advertising methods, as well as meme magic.


Oct 29, 2016
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Good read

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Sep 16, 2015
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I love trump so much that I had a kinky dream about him!

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