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Mar 11, 2015
Lakeland, FL
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Hello Team,

I would like to make a reminder that the informational messages for new members that has the links in it is ONLY POSTED ONE time on each profile For the entire team. This is a big deal as it makes our team look spamy without being as welcoming as we want from our family. If someone has already posted the informational message, make a personal message for that person and truly make them feel like they are being welcomed into their new home, Ask some questions on things from their profile or application.

Also the amount of greeting messages have seemed underwhelming over the past few months. So i ask you to try to get some of your friends or anyone you know that is wanting to do more in Fever to head over to the greeting team. This team is one of the biggest parts of early member retention. Good quality work is rewarded highly in this team. If you have any questions feel free to come to me and I will help you in anyway possible.

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