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Nov 1, 2016
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Hello everyone its been awhile since I posted! Here is a quick leveling guide for level 1-800 paragons!

First you must level 1-70 which is a really easy task, and can be completed within a 2-3 hour period. If you are in a 4 man meta group. The best way to do it is to have 2 WDs and your other 2 characters. The non main WD should swap to his main zdps character later on. The first objective is to farm about 30-50 keys, and loot share the gear to the main WD while the other zdps gears up and hands off gear to you.

Second, you must complete your season journey according to your main class. If your a monk for the group and you get innas from your season journey do it on your monk! Not the WD you are leeching gear too!

Third, by this time you should have most of your gear finished for your group, and I personally believe the traditional builds such as firebats, zbarb, zmonk, and DH will be best for the start of the season. I don't completely know the new necro meta, but the necro meta requires a LON WD which you will build later in the season. This is now the grinding part of the season. You should be between 300-400 paragons strictly from farming keys and gear to do greater rifts.

Forth, FARM! The greater rift level you want to complete is completely dependent on your groups capabilities. I found last season we did 85 speeds from 500-700 extremely fast averaging 100 paragons in 5-6 hours. You can hit 800 by Monday if you farm properly. You want to do speeds within 9-10 minutes. Anything faster you must increase the grift level, and anything slower decrease. This will help keep a steady pace of xp.

Fifth, find things to talk about xp farming is extremely boring, and your group will fatigue if you don't keep things interesting. My suggestion is talking about life, jokes, sports, cars. These will make time during rifts quickly.

Source: I was over 2k paragons last season, and spent 12 hours a day farming paragons. It can be boring, but its very rewarding!

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