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Jan 30, 2017
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2nd Lieutenant
Howdy, I've recently come back to Fever and thought it would be fun to get more involved with various games that I've found fun.... although I suppose I never really put too much time into Dota in the first place but still! learning is just part of the fun!

Anyway I figured I'd mention that I need some buds to teach me how to do the finer details of Dota, been playin' Mobas for a while but never really figured out Dota. As part of me mentioning this I'll be around all day on the discord on Wednesdays so feel free to bug me if ya feel you need a buddy/meatshield
(please I need the attention to stay sane!)

Username on Steam is Librinox although sometimes it's Howdy, generally if I played Team Fortress 2 recently and forgot to switch it back lol

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