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May 17, 2016
So i wanted to share what i have learned that other players of Overwatch should know, that I do not think enough people are taking advantage of. I have never made a guide before so ill try to clear up any questions people might have. This isnt a guide for starters, but it provides some help for those new to the game or heroes.

Before i get to it i want to bring up a very important strategy and game mechanic. Switching Heroes. A lot of people are currently approaching the game with "Mains" in mind. Heros you like and wish to play a majority of the time. It is fine to have a preference character, I myself like Mei the most currently, but many matches I was able to best the other team simply because I would play the one character they refused to counter.
Learning what your team needs will make or break any match. Now Overwatch is very fluid and you, likely through experience, will have to judge each match as you go along as each game will offer unique challenges in knowing what you need. If your team is not progressing to a point or pushing the cart you likely need a tank. Which Tank you choose is were experience and familiarity come into play. Reinhardt is a classic tank and often a safe bet. Road hog can be a good choice if your team is not killing the other team enough and not pushing the point or cart. Winston can cover a lot of ground quickly and can get the drop on a team as the rest of your team closes in.

If your team is not progressing but you have a tank and a mercy then you might be facing a DPS issue, in which case you should pick someone who can dish out some pain. Soldier 76 is a well rounded choice and i recommend get some good play time with him do to his versatility. An enemy bastion can be bested by many heros widowmaker, phara, genji, junk rat, a roadhog if he flanks him, Mei, McCree, Soldier 76 all have great skills for stopping a bastion for example. There is a lot of strategy to everyone, and Switching Heroes is the key to winning and learning.

Supports are often what makes or breaks the team before the game even starts. If your team has a mercy, and the other team went full DPS and maybe a tank, your team will likely win. If you have a Lucio and your on the attack, his speed boost will get your team to the point faster than a majority of the enemy team can make it to you. If your team is good for it a fun strategy is you get a good team with a Lucio and tracer. Lucio boosts the team to point A, heals them as your team fights it out the point. Tracer sneaks in to point B as your team claims A. With that tracer you will have effectively earned your team a few clicks into point B if not a quick win if the enemy team doesnt have their wits about them
supports are critical to victory, Symmtra's teleport can be a massive aid when spawn is very far away from the contested point. Dont be deterred from playing support, taking up the mantle to play support can make you the MVP to winning, and we all want to win, right?

a TLDR for those who prefer a video, can watch this one [video=youtube;isLFK5D-zUA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isLFK5D-zUA[/video]

Overwatch maintains the Holy trinity to most MMO's, Tanking, DPS and Healing. You cant down the boss with out all 3 right? The same goes for every match in Overwatch.

A good tip for Ultimate use. Dont save it hoping for that sweet POTG reaper killing spree. Use it as your earn it. You will have been a more effective player for your team using McCrees High noon 3 or 4 times getting 12 kills versus saving it and only getting to use it once for a 4 kill combo.

Now on to some helpful tips and provided videos if i can find it.

Soldier 76 right click fire is a rocket jump capable move (Helix Jumping) skip to 1:00

Genji has a great canceling animation strategy that is best explained by this video. Skip to 1:33 in to see it.

Mei.A helpful Mei tip, and possible god send for your team, is that When you press E to bring up her ice wall, you CAN cancel it by pressing E again. Mei's wall is fantastic area denial and makes her a great character to play on defense. Mei plays by annoying and slowing that the enemy team as much as possible. Mei also has utility with the ice wall that is not used often enough. You are summoning more than just a damage deflector, but a construct that can fill the gaps between ledges or holes. Mei is this games Pyro in that she absolutely drives the other team nuts to face off with. Mei is not someone you want to face one on one in an alleyway, but being Mei you love to take advantage of. Just spray the target down and once frozen cap them in the head with a right click. I recommend trying to achieve an icicle shot after they have began slowing down from your freeze spray for quick disbursement but if not just freeze them completely and wave as you feel the joy and making the other player rip off their headset and go on reddit to talk shit about her.

for example skip to 1:11

Torbjrn as he last was, is a monster with his gun. Dont play him like engineer from TF2. Torbjrn is a force to be reckoned with, drop a turrent some place crafty and leave it. it doest take long to put down a new one, and if you only have time to drop it at level 1 thats fine. Torbjrn can be played effectively on his own. Armor up your teammates and get to shooting, his right click fire is similar to roadhogs and do some mean damage. Work WITH your turret, not FOR it.
an example strategy [video]https://thumbs.gfycat.com/LinedSpryFish-mobile.mp4[/video]

McCree is decently mobile and powerful. More of a straight forward hero there are some things to getting him right. He has a great one two KO with his stun and a shot to the head, but remember to know who you are going toe to toe with because sometimes its better to fan the hammer than to get a shot to the head. If you want to see a great game of McCree in action here you go. Take note that he had a pocket Mercy giving him a damage buff, this is a great example of team work and support play Also, you can shoot through your own team's Reinhardt shield, remember that.


One more tip on McCree's Ultimate is that the amount of time for High noon to lock on is relative to how much remaining health the enemies in sight have. So great use of his ult is to cowboy up after the other team has taken a lickin from the rest of your team.

Mercy. She is the single target support character at 50 HP a second with her healing beam and 30% damage buff with the other. Mercy is, in my opinion, the easiest support to jump into for anyone who might have spent no time on playing supports at all. Anyone who plays her should always be stuck to someone, a tank or DPS or anyone who needs some of her touch. Recognizing which beam to use is critical, as seen above with McCree. A Mercy who is buffing a widow maker enables Widow to get single shot kills with just a body shot on a handful of heroes. They might talk shit about body shots but who cares, they died not you. Currently her DPS buff stacks with ults. So you can really help break lose an enemy line by simply buffing a junkrat as he drives his tire right into the enemy. Guardian Angle gives Mercy fantastic ability to move around that map. You must have the hero you wish to reach in line of sight but you can cover great distances in a short amount of time with her ability. A good team will be spread out enough to allow effective use of your ability and also be aware of your location. a team who wont position themselves to allow a Mercy to fly up to reach them is only hurting themselves (philosophically). Mercy can self regenerate which is fantastic because honestly the rest of your team doesnt like to share those map placed health packs. Dont be afraid to use her pistol, her and D.va can pack a punch with those little hand cannons and should be used when they can. If your marching behind a full health Reinhardt with his shield up take out that little cricket gun and start laying in a few shots. It will surprise and disperse the enemy more times than you think. Lastly Heros never die. Mercy's ult is very play changing and puts a lot of responsibility on you as the player to know when to pop it. Easy calls are when you walk up to you whole team being dead but knowing when to raise the tank or that widowmaker on the balcony take situational awareness that may take time to develop.

This video has both Lucio and Mercy kicking ass go to 00:40 for a relevant mercy play

Lucio. currently a favorite pick for the "competitive" scene at the moment has a different use in utility over someone like Mercy and 2nd easiest support to play in my opinion. You have to stay in the fray for his passive healing or speed boost to remain in contact with your team. It is easy to get distracted as Lucio when in combat but remain focused on your cooldowns. You want to pump up the volume for your healing when its getting heavy on the point. when your whole team gets taken out to a reaper wait on spawn to speed boost your team back into action. Lucio's speed can make a world of difference. If you watch in the video above making use of Lucios speed allows you to annoy enemies a little like Tracer. skate in peg a few enemies as they get distracted by the rest of your team and back around your team for some AOE heals. Lucio's ult is a lot easier to tell when its most effective, when your team is going in for that big push, get everyone together and drop the beat. temporary invulnerability brushes off any Bastion or molten core Torbjrn

Bastion is not OP like many on the internet currently say he is, people just need to stop walking into the meat grinder.
But a Good bastion can be deadly. A good bastion will not stay in one spot in turret mode. He will pick a point and once her gets a few kills in go into recon mode and find another point so the team doesn't get it together to come flank you.

Zarya She is a tank but unlike Winston and Reinhardt she enters into the realm of technical tanking. Which means she takes practice but is a great asset to have when mastered. When engaging in combat her right click lobs grenade launch type projectiles that do fair damage but also pushes the enemy around with splash damage. So you want to disrupt the enemy and work them around while hitting them, more than likely they will want to flee from you rather than stick around. Zarya's left click is a beam capable that shots straight in front of you, in a normal situation its not a very frighting attack but if you manage to stay on target the damage takes a toll. Now! to solve your weak beam and grenade problems activate those shields! When activated on yourself with your self shield or you activated one on a friend damage to those shields charge your attack power! So the more advanced skill here is to know when to pop your shields and to be active in shielding your friends. The attack power stacks when you activate your shield on your self and one on your friend, if you want to see a team run throw a fully buffed Zarya, She will break them.

Major Tip:Shields can technically absorb more damage than they’re capable of if that damage happens all at once (like Tracer’s Pulse Bomb ultimate). The shield will absorb the entirety of the damage and transfer it to your gun instead of absorbing only what it can handle and applying the difference to the character you shielded.

As far as her Ult goes, the basic idea if your using it alone is to throw it out and lob grenades into it BUT! if you talk with your team mates and work to combo your ultimates together with Zarya, you will end any push that comes at you and your team! \
For Example:

ill be adding the other heros to this, just gathering my videos for more editing
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Great post!! Very good read!! I really want to practice more with Mei because omg can she really be annoying and powerful!!!


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Never played Overwatch, but fuck me that guy playing McCree was brutal lol


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Nice Guide



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Thanks :)


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I need to update this sorry guys

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