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New Feature: Hotfixing

With this patch, the Overwatch client on all platforms can now automatically receive minor updates (hotfixes) without needing to be restarted. Hotfixes require online connectivity, access to disk, and sufficient disk space. In the event a hotfix can’t be received, you may encounter a message you can resolve via one of the following platform-specific support articles:

PC Articles
  • Overwatch Error: Unable to Install or Patch (PC)​
  • Overwatch Error: Insufficient Disk Space (PC)​
  • Overwatch Error: Insufficient Write Permissions (PC)​
  • Overwatch Error: Unable to download data (PC)​

New Feature: Shared Install (PTR and Live)

The PTR and Live Overwatch PC clients can now share storage when installed to the same file path on disk. This should reduce the disk space required to install and update multiple clients. As a result, today’s PTR client should require only ~1.2GB of additional disk storage. Players with previous Overwatch PTR clients installed can uninstall and reinstall to a common disk location to benefit from this feature.

Note: Overwatch League Replay Viewer also supports shared installation with the PTR and Live clients.


  • Custom Game - Fixed an issue where presets saved with Symmetra's "Teleportation Duration" were being flagged as invalid​
  • Role Queue Beta Season - Fixed a bug that prevented players from earning achievements when playing in the Role Queue Beta​
  • Role Queue Beta Season - Fixed a bug that could cause players not to receive an SR update when the entire opposing team left the match​
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly applied Role Queue restrictions to vs. A.I. games​
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from selecting roles in Quick Play LFGs​
  • Workshop - fixed an issue with "unknown error" preventing players from loading certain Custom Game presets​
  • Fixed a bug that could cause status effect toasts (stunned, slept, resurrected, hacked, detected, etc.) to get stuck on screen​


  • Fixed a bug with Brigitte's Repair Pack granting defensive assist credit anytime after a target was healed
  • Fixed a bug with Brigitte's Repair Pack not playing a sound effect for the receiving player

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