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Nov 26, 2015
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I'm trying to come up with the best build I can, and am definitely getting a GTX 1080, the new coffee lake z370 mb (ASUS STRIX-f) and 16 GB DDR-4 3000mhz RAM, and from what I understand, I should be able to game at 4K with around 60 FPS on High settings for most games, and on a 27" monitor (which I'm still debating on which to get for around $350).

My questions are:
1. Is anyone currently running 4K on a similar sized monitor? If so, is it worth it vs. 1080p with higher FPS rates?

2. Would it be a good idea to get freesync considering I'm running an Nvidia GPU?

3. Would I be better off going with a better quality 1080p monitor like an MSI curved with 1ms and 140hz?

I am more of an immersive gamer, planning on the new COD game coming out, and other FPS in addition to Diablo3, Desitiny2, and Overwatch.

Also, would it be worth it for mostly gaming to go from an i5 8600k to the new i7? I'm not sure any games would benefit that much, but IDK.

Any thoughts appreciated!


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Nov 6, 2015
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I currently run a 4K machine. If you are only gonna run 1 Graphics Card, I would suggest getting the GTX 1080TI. The GTX 1080 is good but you might not hit 60 FPS, on certain games, using High Settings.

CPU does not mean much at 4k, I'm running a 5930k at 3.5Ghz and it is not being bottlenecked at 4k, the GPU is really what is going to be tested.

1- My monitor is 27'' and it looks really good. The big question is whether or not you are able to game at 60hz instead of 144hz. If you are the type of person that does not notice much of a difference, then you'll be fine but if you currently game at 144hz and drop down to 60hz you will notice a difference for sure. Only you can decide if you can live with that difference or not, the only thing I can say is that the games definitely look a lot prettier at 4k 60hz than 1080p 144hz.

2- Freesync does nothing if you have a Nvidia GPU. Also Freesync/Gsync introduce a lot of latency, so while it is alright for offline games you might not want it on for online games. I doubt you'll find a lot of (or any) screen tearing if you are running in 4k (since you'll be running close to 60fps and your monitor is gonna be 60hz)

3- Again that is up to you. If you are really into competitive gaming and want all the advantages then a good 1080p build with a TN monitor is the way to go. If you are like me, and want your games to look as stunning as possible, then 4k with an IPS/Quantum Dot monitor is how you do that.

Considering the i5-8600k is a 6 core running at 4.5Ghz you should be fine, 6 cores is currently the sweet spot for gaming.

My recommendation for 4k:
If you like being immersed in the game, and don't mind losing a bit of response time (which I honestly do not find it noticeable at all, but then again I don't play competitively I play to enjoy the games) then you should try 4k
You could get a 4k Quantum Dot monitor (it has better response times than IPS and looks almost as good, but it's a bit more expensive) like this one: Samsung Website
i5-8600k should be fine
Get GTX 1080TI instead of the GTX 1080
In the future, if you'd like to upgrade to 4k 144hz you can then buy a 2nd GTX 1080TI and one of the new $1000 4k 144hz IPS Monitors.

I currently run 2 EVGA GTX 1080 Classified, i7-5930k 3.7Ghz and I'm running games at around 120FPS (I say around because it really depends on how well they support SLI. Overwatch and DOOM runs at 120 FPS, Witcher 3 runs more around 70). All the games that you mentioned are pretty well optimized and all of them have pretty good support for SLI (with the exception of Diablo 3) so with 2 GTX 1080TI I don't think you'd have any trouble reaching 144FPS on them.


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Feb 8, 2019
This info helped me as well, thanks...

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