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Oct 23, 2017
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Last few days there has been some interest on 4 player group play on higher GR level and after talking about it yesterday I felt like small summary with link to excellent guide for High level GR. It is still very valid even if it is over half a year old.

Generic Group composition:
  • Puller
  • Healer
  • Trash killer
  • Rift Guardian Killer

Puller generally is responsible for building density and pulling additional mobs to the pile where Healer and Trash killer have set up a "shop". They usually also debuff mobs and provide needed buffs to rest of the party. This role is very important and many high level groups state that their puller is responsible for their high clears. Most of the time puller is Barbarian as they are able to force move most of the mobs including ranged mobs.

Healer is responsible for keeping the party and mainly trash clearer alive by healing and damage prevention. They also provide damage buffs to party. They also keep the pile together. They have to play well together with Trash killer with some coordinated movements to keep the trash clearer alive. Monk is by far the best class for this role.

Trash Killer is usually built around Area Damage and has one job. Kill the piles of trash and cause significant damage to bosses while there is trash around them. They have to play well with the healer and coordinate the movement if the current location is getting too hot. This role is almost always played by Firebats Witch Doctor, with very few Star Pact Meteor wizards in mix (like 1-3 cases on whole leaderboards, except in China where most top clears on season are with Wizard trash clearer)

Rift Guardian Killer(RGK) is responsible for killing the Rift Guardian in timely manner and is responsible for almost all the damage done to Rift Guardian. They will also help to kill elites and champions on the way to Rift Guardian while making sure their cooldowns are available to handle the Rift Guardian. They generally skulk around the pile DPSing bosses as priority targets. Strongest RGK currently is Necromancer, but there are other classes that can fill this role as well, but not as effectively. Impale Demon Hunter is quite durable Boss killer which can help on every boss on the way even though they are slower to kill the Rift Guardian.

Excellent guide with video commentary of a high rift clear:
Diablo 3 Guide: How to Rift with Trade Secrets - Troupster.com
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Dec 11, 2017
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i'm down for any of the roles you need me for ghist


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Nov 26, 2015
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There's also speed group play for XP/hour which can be pretty much anything (you just run the highest level rift you can all clear in about 3 minutes). zNecro is nice for this, as it boosts damage and freezes everything! Great for low level gems vs solo since you get more XP!


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Dec 26, 2017
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Count me in
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