4 Person Reaper's wraps bounties focused event Friday 10 PM EST (1 Viewer)


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Oct 23, 2017
Washington State
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What: Act 2 and 3 bounties in 4 person group in order to craft up to 200 Reaper's Wraps. With 2 people doing same act, we can expect under 5 minute clear times, which means it should take us maybe 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete 13 sets of Act 2 and 3 bounties

When: 3/1/2019 10 PM EST for about 1.5 hours

Why: usually crafting Reaper's Wraps means you go to a hole on materials as you now have lots less of Act 2 and 3 materials making balancing those a pain. There are several speed builds using Reaper's Wraps like Rat Necros and Natma Demon Hunters in their respective speed builds. It would also be useful on anyone who wants to run with Globe Generators like zNecros.

How Do I sign for this: Post on here but make sure you are able to effectively solo T13 Act 2 or Act 3 in under 10 minutes. I have 3 spots for this, if anyone else wants to run 2nd or 3rd group they are welcome to do so. I will try to fill from Discord and then from in-game clan/community if we do not get 3 signups.

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