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Oct 13, 2016
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You can do all content without any problems.
- Sirus killer deathless on lvl 8
- Guradians deleted
- Uber Elder
- Uber Atziri (you must swap gloves - check videos)
- Catarina monster lvl 83 (T16) deleted / deathless
- Shaper fight is a joke - deleted
- Tons of defensive layers also absurd life regen (1200hp+/second) or even more if you use Stone Golem 150% buff enchant (1500+)
- Uber lab farmer (not fast as deadeye etc but u can do it easly like playing Thicc Jug - u can afk on traps , go to kitchen , back in 15min and u are still alive)
- If you are lazy like me , u can do all content without any problems thats a build for u
- Pure fun
- You will never get bored
- All content (everything deleted)
- lvl 100 is a piece of cake

- All map mods can be done (physical reflect is tricky because you need to swap gloves (Triad Grip) but im just rerollng it thats why i put this into pros and cons)

- Some people dont like lazy builds (u do nothing, golems delete everything)
- Physical reflect can and also cant be done to finish physical reflect map you need to swap gloves (Triad Grip). Im not doing it , just rerolling mods on map. Other map mods doesnt matter just go.

Ice Golems vs Stone Golems:
Ice Golems got more single target dmg (boss killer) compared to Stone Golems but Stone Golems got aoe melee attack approximately 20 units in radius skill also they taunt all mobs when they use it. Ice Golems overall dmg and attack speed is higher then stone golems.


Look at helmet with only Armour or Hybrid (Armour+Evasion) , dont buy with energy shield or only evasion

1 - means cheap ; 4 - high end

1) Get any rare helmet with life + resistances
2) Get helmet with +1-3 level of socketed minion gems + life + resistances
3) Non Elder Bone Helmet (enchanted) with +2-3 minion gems , high life , resistances , minion life can be crafted on bench
4) Elder helmet with +2-3 level of socketed minion gems , +x level minion life , life , resistances
5) Elder helmet (enchanted) with +3 minion gems , level 16-20 minion life , high life , resistances
6) Elder Bone Helmet (enchanted) with +3 minion gems , level 16-20 minion life , high life , resistances

Enchants : Stone Golem dmg 40%
Alternative : Flesh offering attack speed (only if you have Convoking wand with auto cast there) or Stone Golem buff 150% (more life regen)

Leveling Gear - |means cheap|

chest - Tabula Rasa
Corrupted Tabula Rasa with +1 level socketed gems

the goal - Skin of the Loyal with 4 red 1 blue and 1 green sockets

cheap - We get ClayShaper for extra minions life + extra golem
goal - BIS Convoking wand with +2 , minion dmg , minion attack speed , auto cast

Victarios Charity - huge dmg boost for our golems , free frenzy + power charge

Stygian belt
1- We go with life/mana/resistances
2- BIS Hunter version (because life %)

Keep an eye on Armour boots! or hybrid (Armour + Evasion)
1 - cheap // 3 - high end

1 - any rare boots with life , resistances , movement speed
2 - Two-toned high life , 30 % movement speed , resistances
3 - Two-toned boots with high life , life % or mana , 35% movement speed , resistances

1 - Essence Worm with Hatred
2 - Rare ring with high life , resistances and mana for our MoM
3 - Vermillion Ring with life / resistances / mana
4 - BIS Vermillion Redeemer with minion damage

some stats to look for in rings just make sure you resistances are caped at 75%

The Primordial Chain
Get as low rolls there as u can -> low rolls means more dmg , more life for our golems

This is where our fun beggins! We can put extra node from skill tree on our amulet. Of course some of them are expensive such as +1 Curse (Whispers of Doom) or Ravenous Horde

Keep in mind Awakened Curse on Hit lvl5 gives u +1 extra curse so you can have 3 curses with Whispers of Doom or 2 with Ravenous Horde. 3rd curse you can get from corrupted gloves (such as enfeeble , temporal chains etc so u can mix them like u want)

Grip of the Council (biggest dmg)


Helmet - Summon Chaos Golem lvl 20 (lvl 21 high end), Summon Stone Golem lvl 20 (lvl 21 high end), Summon Lightning Golem lvl 20 (lvl 21 high end), Empower lvl 3 (level 4 - high end) "this is our buff helmet

Chest - Summon Stone Golem lvl 21 (lvl 20 is fine too but lvl 21 gives us more dmg also got more life) - Minion Damage Support 20 - Impale Support - Melee Physical Dmg - Multistrike - Empower 3 (level 4 gives us big dmg boost!)

Weapon - Clayshaper - Phase Run (level depends on ur dexterity) - Vaal Haste (level depends on your dexterity - quality very important) - Incrueased Duration lvl 20 = ALL QUALITY 20% GEMS
Or Dash + Vaal Haste
Or if you use Convoking wand:

Shield - Clayshaper (dread banner - generosity (linked) , flame dash) = ALL QUALITY 20% GEMS or (if you have Awakened Curse on hit lvl 5

Ring - Essence Worm -> Hatred

Boots Flesh offering 11 -Convocation 9 - Steel Skin 13 - CWDT 6 or we use here 2 curses + storm brand + awakened curse on hit
ENCHANT : Life/Mana regen BIS but you can use others too

Gloves - Depends on what u choose
Clayshaper -> punishment or vulnerability - curse on hit - storm brand - culling strike
or Convokation version below

EEP IN MIND : If you use Clayshaper mix gems to make it work or if you use Convoking wand with autocast we use a bit changed setup. Everything will be in Path of building link if you somehow are confused. I use Vaal Haste for extra dmg , Phase run for fast running maps , Dread banner + Generosity for extra impale/dmg too.
1)cwdt 6 - steelskin 13 - flesh offering 11 - convocation 9 put it into gloves or boots
2)weapon -> vaal haste - phase run - increase duration (all linked)
3) shield -> dread banner - generosity (linked) , flame dash
4) boots or gloves -> punishment or vulnerability - curse on hit - storm brand - culling strike

We are looking for high life , high mana (for our mom) and Blind + Taunt. You can also use Hinder but only if you want use it on ur tree or you took Command of The pit 2s

8 or 9 Primordial of Harmony -> Keep an eye on Golem Dmg 20% also high rolls on golems have % increased cooldown recovery speed because stone golem second attack . If u get enough reduced cooldown his skill will be reduced below 2 seconds (9 = more dmg / use 8 if u want 1 extra jewel. DONT LOOK AT Golem SKILLS % HAVE INCREASED CD (useless because u can cast golems faster which is useless for us since our golems dont die)

2 or 3 x - Primordial Eminance -> Keep an eye on 20% golems attack speed

1 Primordial Might -> Keep an eye on golems life % (rest doesnt matter)

1 -> Anima Stone




Lunaris + Shakari -> mapping , bossing
Lunaris + Yugul -> Uber Elder or Shaper

1) Liege of The Primordial
2) Elemancer
3) Shaper of Desolation
4) Beacon of Ruin (for more dmg)

how to play for the start
First we summon 6 stone golems or 7 stone golems (if you use Clayshaper) + 1x ice golem + 1x chaos golem + 1 lightning golem). Use phase run for faster mapping and makes u "invisible". Keep in mind more frenzy charges you have longer phase run u got (stone golems grants us frenzy + power charge because we r using shield and Necromantic Aegis). Flame dash is our next movement skill (we skip obstacles also this is great movement skill to juke nukes such as shaper / uber elder fights). Turn on hatred and dread banner (this is our dps boost for golems). Last one is Storm Brand we are using it for cast curse and also trigger Elemental Equilibrium. Since we are using Hatred (golems got extra cold dmg) so Elemental Equalibrium will make -50% cold res on mobs = more dmg for us :) Use Only Vaal Haste for more dmg (dont use Haste because you will reserve mana)

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